Been Silent for a Long Time

Hi Gentle Readers,
Thank you for stopping by to see if I am still saying anything.

Other than the post about our good friend and brother John passing from this earth, I have been silent for quite some time.

A lot has been going on in our lives.  We have moved off of Long Island, so we no longer live in a place where the majority of people are self-absorbed and have superiority complexes that are way over the top. If you are from there and reading this, don’t bother getting offended unless I have described you.

We have moved back to our semi-rural home in the Great Lakes region.  People are more laid back here and not so worried about how they look to others; they worry more about how to provide for their families – families and friends matter more to them than material things or appearances.  At least that has been our experience.  I love the fact that people you don’t know talk to you in stores; offer their little frequent shopper card if you don’t have one so that you too can save on items.  I love the fact that Meijer doesn’t even require one.  I love being able to walk out to my mailbox in my pjs and not get a phone call about my choice of fashion.  We are now more content.

College Girl will be graduating next May.  High School Girl just started college.  Now I have to figure out some way to talk about them without being confusing….. hmmmm will have to sleep on that one.

Injuries we sustained in the motor vehicle accident have impacted our way of doing things; slow us way down, but haven’t totally stopped us yet.  (I type mostly with one hand now, instead of two)

I’ve driven over 5000 miles from the end of July till about now and I am sort of sick of the inside of our vehicle; tomorrow will once again find me behind the wheel.  I am looking forward to a day or two where I don’t have to drive anywhere unless I absolutely want to.

Sweet hubby is having surgery next week and has to be off most of his medication for 5 days before hand – that includes most of his current pain meds.  He has already warned me that he will be difficult to live with till he goes back on it.  I think that I will either go live with my Mimi or journey up to Momma’s.  I don’t want/need anymore stress right now.  (But of course you know I won’t – I will stay and try to make him as comfortable as possible.  Did you really think that I wouldn’t??)

Well, still have a room to paint, furniture to move around and many, many, many boxes to unload and things to put away.  Anyone care to come help??  grin


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  1. My thoughts are with Michael and his speedy recovery.  You know if we could we would come and help you but restrictions on Jay’s activity and my lousy feet don’t allow for being much help.  Things will eventually come around for you just take it easy.

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