Just dropping by to say Hello

Hi Gentle Readers

Never knew that life would be so busy once we moved back here.

Trying to do so many things leaves me exhausted, yet weirdly unable to sleep most nights.

My father has been in and out of the hospital again. He has good days and bad days. We drive up to see him a couple times a week and this last time went with him to his “see the doctor 5 days after you have been discharged” visit. He argued that we weren’t driving to the right place; so we read him the directions that the office had given us. He still argued. We got there and waited almost 2 whole hours before we could see the doctor. What fun that was.
The poor guy is really losing his hearing – even with hearing aids in both ears he has a hard time. He, of course, decides to discuss personal stuff/sensitive stuff in the waiting room. (Picture old man with booming voice and daughter – trying to hide in chair – while rest of waiting room is hanging on his every word) Oh, getting in to see the doctor couldn’t come soon enough.

Still working on getting the front room painted. Have been working on filling in areas with some sort of caulk that one can paint over. Have 1.5 more walls to do, then more base coat/primer stuff, and finally the painting part. Then on full press to the boxes. At this rate we might get done by Christmas. Of course, the oldest has given us the week before Thanksgiving as the deadline to be done as that is when she will be home again. hehehe I feel oh so ‘threatened’……..

Bought some bulbs to plant outside – really – when did we think that we would get the time??? If it doesn’t rain this weekend, perhaps it will get done then!! Keep your fingers crossed.

Well, time to head up the stairs to see if I can at least have a nodding acquaintance with Mr. Sandman. Good night all.

2 thoughts on “Just dropping by to say Hello

  1. Well hopefully the color will soon grace your living room and the box fairy will put your stuff away when you finally get to sleep.  The news of your father’s condition was leaving much concern with us.  We are fortunate that Jay is doing so well.  I hope he gets some mending in soon.  Miss you two and hope to see you soon.  Love Momma

  2. Sorry to hear of you’re Dad’s troubles. That’s a bad age to get these problems.Hope he stabilizes soon. Well ,the canning season has ended for us, so maybe we can plan a trip down tour way.

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