Just Have to Say This

Just have to say this – will you people please learn how to drive!!!!

Trying to figure out why I-275 wasn’t moving very fast on the journey home tonight and also because being sicker than the proverbial dog I wasn’t relishing the thought of being stuck in traffic, I just have to say LEARN HOW TO DRIVE!!!!

To the idiots who think that it is permissible to drive 65mph on a 70mph road in the extreme passing lane (the farthest one on the left) – SPEED UP, or MOVE OVER because you were royally holding up traffic and your sorry behind shouldn’t have been hanging out in that lane.

To the idiot that thought that leaving a 6 car gap between them and the next vehicle while doing 55mph on a70mph road was safe driving – YOU ARE WRONG, YOU ARE A HAZARD.  Besides the frustrated ones that are trying to pass your sorry behind you are endangering all our lives.  So, STEP IT UP, SPEED IT UP or MOVE TO THE FAR RIGHT LANE.

To those idiots that are just too darn scared to be driving on an expressway, you might seriously think about working from home or riding in with one of your co-workers because YOU ARE A HAZARD and a DANGER to the rest of us.

Ok, think I have that off of my chest for now.

2 thoughts on “Just Have to Say This

  1. Can I say “Ouch!”…‘cause that sounds like me (the one that’s driving 55 in a 70). I HATE expressway driving and try to avoid it at all cost, but sometimes, one just ‘has’ to do it, whether they want to or not. And, as luck would have it…I usually have someone like you (hint-hint) right on my but_, making all sorts of faces & physical signs they don’t really care for my ‘extra careful’ driving habits! Oh well…c’est la vie!

  2. Uh, that wouldn’t be me on your butt (not safe), or making physical signs; but it would be me who would pass you and glare at you.

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