Update on me

Sorry for the rather vain title.
For those of you who wish to know – I am pretty much all better now.  Suffice to say it was probably the worst case of food poisoning that I have ever had and I hope that I never have one that bad again.  At one point we thought that I might have to go to the hospital after all, but a quick check of WebMd.com found that I was just having some of the worst symptoms of the many that one could have. 

For the first time in 5 years I had to spend 2 1/2 days in bed, eating Jell-O, playing on the laptop and basically being bored out of my skull.

As to what caused it, chances are it was the meat topping on the loaded baked potato as that would be an ingredient more prone to giving that type of food poisoning.  It could’ve been any of the salad ingredients, one of them may have come in contact with raw meat juices and not rinsed well after or even been handled by someone with improperly washed hands.

Also, we took our youngest (who is all of 18.5 yrs old) out to another restaurant for St. Patrick’s day since no one was up to cooking and she fell ill later that evening from a salmon sandwich.  Whether the fish was old or handled improperly or what – it just made her sicker than a dog from Monday night till earlier today.  She is starting to feel better and even managed to eat some Mrs. Grass’s soup for her dinner.  I gave a piece of advice; “If a restaurant doesn’t specialize in fish/seafood like Red Lobster, etc. than it is best not to eat it.”  (That restaurant specializes in another type of food and if you ask me privately I will tell you which restaurants we both ate at when we got sick.)

Beware those of you who eat at restaurants – just beware.

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