Another day of…….

Feeling like crap!! 
Truth be told I was not feeling very well for my birthday weekend.  It started out with a bout of colitis on Friday, that lingered till Saturday. Breathing difficulties began on Friday when we went to Red Lobster and had to walk through the smoking area to get to the back non-smoking section, as the front non-smoking was totally full.

(I will be glad when Michigan follows suit with other large states that have banned smoking in restaurants.) 

On Saturday night we attended the first dinner of my dad’s car club and he decided to keep coughing, nope didn’t cover his mouth, and myself and my dinner were the recipients. 
Sunday capped it all off when we went out to Buffalo Wild Wings and once again the smoke from the lone smoker at the bar drifted over toward our table in non-smoking and all of us were complaining of the smoke and the lack of heat.

Did we enjoy ourselves while we out?  Yes we did!!

Am I healthy now and breathing easier??  Hell no!! 

Would I have loved to have been outside enjoying the weather right now? You bet’cha!!

Hope all of you are doing far better than my miserable self!!

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