End of the week catch-you-up

So, on Tuesday as I drove sweet hubby to get his surgery done I called my sister to find out how close the tornado was to their home, etc.  She answered her cell phone on the third ring and in her very annoyed big sister voice let me know that they were fine and the tornado didn’t hit close to their home.  I did find out later from my youngest that they had been in the shopping mall that was destroyed by the tornado about an hour before it got demolished.

Sweet hubby’s 2nd eye surgery went well and he is enjoying not having to wear glasses to see things far away.  He is enjoying being able to watch the TV while in bed knowing that if he falls asleep there is no fear in him damaging his glasses.  Right now the hardest thing is to get the drops into both eyes 4x a day.

Yes, the wash is done.  Youngest daughter pitched in and did a few loads for me while I was with sweet hubby getting the surgery done.  Of course, now we have to start on the next round.

Hope this finds you well and thriving wherever you live.

3 thoughts on “End of the week catch-you-up

  1. So glad Michael’s second surgery went well.  He will find the no glasses bit quite a treat as time goes on.  Hope you will find yourself all caught up soon.

  2. Now you’ve got me wondering: “Now we have to start on the NEXT round???”
    Glad to hear M’s second surgery went well and you are both recovering from that. Get some rest there, girlfriend!
    Pammie LOL

  3. Next round of wash!!  Trust me the longest we go without doing wash is about 3 days!!
    I am thinking that about the end of August I might be able to take a bit of a break.  You would hate to see my calendar for this month. Love and Hugs to you both!!

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