I now KNOW who to vote for!!!

I have found my candidate via YouTube.
Don’t think that I am kidding.  I was just surfing around to see what I could find out that was new, fun or interesting to share and here is what I found.
The best candidate of who is left in the running.

Why has the majority of the media kept him under wraps??  He has been in debates, been on CNN, Larry King, Bill Maher, to name a few but I never heard about him watching the regular news or the last few debates.  I would’ve enjoyed listening to him more than listening to Obama and Hillary trade insults and McCain making me think that I am staring again at Bush.  He is really refreshing and very intelligent and also, understands how the government is SUPPOSED to work.  God Bless Him!!

This video is 8:44 minutes long and you need to really listen to it – it blows you away.  This is no junior senator or 4 more years of the same, this is someone that the people can get behind.

And if you would like to watch another one about his views on inflation and what is really happening with inflation, and our currency and how it effects our very lives than watch this video.

It makes sense and it is not what one typically hears from one in our government.  Watch them both – give them lots of thought – Thanks!

Check out http://www.ronpaul2008.com

3 thoughts on “I now KNOW who to vote for!!!

  1. Last I heard he was out of the race. He was running as a Republican, but lost that to John McCain and he’s said he won’t run as a third-party candidate. He’s still participating in the remaining Republican primaries, but it won’t change anything at this point.

  2. Apparently he is still in the running – outright copied this off his website.

    “Ron Paul Has Strong Showing in Final Primaries (6/5/08)

    ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA – Presidential candidate Ron Paul received a total of over 45,000 votes in the final three Republican presidential primaries on June 3. Dr. Paul’s strongest showing was in Montana, where he garnered 22 percent of the vote, followed by 17 percent in South Dakota and 14 percent in New Mexico respectively.

    “Dr. Paul’s grassroots supporters across the country are doing a tremendous job spreading our message, winning votes, and laying a strong foundation for the future,” said campaign spokesman Jesse Benton.

    To date, Dr. Paul has received well over one millions votes in Republican presidential contests.”

    If he is on the ballot – he is better than the alternatives.

  3. I will definitely agree with you-last night I spoke to my cousin in Iowa who is a died-in-the-wool Democrat and even HE said he’d vote for Dr. Paul over the 2 that were ‘in the running’ (he originally wanted Hillary but doesn’t want to back Obama). I had thought he was ‘out of the game’ but now I’ve got hope that he might have a chance!

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