Another day………….

Well, I am thinking that I could probably write every day and talk about nothing except Zo.
She has many little quirks and habits that make her an interesting pet.
A few days ago she would wait patiently till the alarm clock would ring and after I slapped the snooze button would proceed to bounce around on my pillow, which is one of those husk ones that were popular a decade ago, making it rustle till I finally would give up the idea of any further sleep and get out of bed to go feed her.
Today she added a new trick to her get me out of bed repertoire. And did it way before the alarm clock was even set to ring.  This one involves her going under the covers and going down to my rear where she then proceeds to pummel me with her paws and nip at me till I move.  After throwing her out of bed numerous times, I gave up and came downstairs to give her breakfast. (her ultimate goal)
Now as I type this she is waiting to pounce up on my lap where she then will try to help me type.  I think that I just may be her favorite human in the house.

And since I am up I am pondering which of the many tasks that need to get done will I try to tackle.  Should I suit up and go remove the rest of the snow from the driveway??  Though we didn’t get as much as we were hit with on Wed. (7 inches) the 4 or 5 that we did get were covered by that nice freezing rain – that does not make it easy for snowblowing.  Maybe I should just stay in the house and do those Chrstmas cards that I have put off doing for the last couple of weeks.  Or how about those cookies that sweet hubby says we should be baking?? 
I know that putting up the tree has been temporarily scheduled by the girls for this afternoon.  Yes, I was waiting till our church picked up the organ that we were donating to them as it sits where we usually put the tree; but we can’t afford to wait any longer and hope to get it all done by Christmas.  (Which is only 5 days away and no, we are not done shopping yet)

Ah, decisions, decisions, decisions…………… guess I will go see if sweet hubby has woken up enough to help make some.

2 thoughts on “Another day………….

  1. Gee! A fellow PROCRASTINATOR!!! YAY! Now I don’t feel quite as bad not having done all the Christmasy things I should have (like cards, cookies, wrapping, etc.). I was just thinking about that yesterday-the fact that our tree is totally bare underneath! I suppose part of the excitement is actually wondering what each wrapped thing ‘is’, but in our case, it’s more like “wonder what might/will be wrapped under there!” Maybe it adds to the excitement…ya think?
    We didn’t get the freezing rain, thank heavens. I don’t think I could have stood shoveling that, too.
    Hang in there…‘done’ or not, the “DAY” cometh!
    ps: Then there’s that great Bible verse I love to quote in situations like this: “This, too, shall pass.”! Works for me!

  2. That tree only had four days to jump into position and don all it’s lighta and trim.  Did it succeed?
    Don’t feel bad about the cookies I baked mine and Jay and I have been nibbling ever since.  We will be lucky to have any left pretty soon.  Guess I’l make one more batch!

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