Rain and kitten stuff

So far we had one day with slick roads – Saturday – we were hit with a whooping one inch or so of snow.  Just enough to be irritating and not deep enough to play in.
Since last night we have been hit with rain.  Snow is history.

The kitten is growing and I guess she thinks that we are scratch toys or something. Hubby and I have many scratch marks on us; he even is sporting some bite marks.  This little furball lashes out when she is not getting her way. 

She is now our room mate and yes, she hogs the middle of the bed.  I frequently wake up in the middle of the night with this little ball of fur snuggled up to the small of my back where she has managed to push up my night shirt so that she is flush against my skin.  And of course if I don’t get up as early as she would like to get her breakfast, she does the ‘stalk the toes under the blankets and pounce’ routine.  Or she does some sort of weird marathon run on the bed that makes the bell on her collar really jangle, yes it is enough to wake you out of a dead sleep.  And while you are making her food dish up she sits there and yowls at you; the youngest one says that it sounds as if she is dying.

The best is when she is settling down and snuggles in real close and starts to purr.  She sounds like a Harley – truly – that is no joke.  Sure gonna miss her if she ever moves out.

2 thoughts on “Rain and kitten stuff

  1. Gee, wasn’t there something in there (some other post) that said that this kitten is your daughters? So WHO should be getting up to feed said beastie? Just a thought…yes, kittens are cute, cuddly, etc. but (human) nail clippers work really good on those really sharp little spikey nails!

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