The day before St. Paddy’s day

Today isthe day before St. Paddy’s day and it is a very beautiful day in our neck of the woods.  The sun has been shining for 4 days straight and the temps have been staying near the 60 degree mark.  I am hoping that we will be having a bit of spring before the heat of summer this year. 
I am looking for my recipe for soda bread for tomorrow, though if I can’t find it I can always look at the blog I wrote on a previous year that I included it on.  One child wants dinner early so that she can have her St. Patrick’s feast before she heads off to her night classes, the other one wants us to delay it a day as she will be out celebrating with friends and prefers us to wait an extra day. Hahaha We have it all covered as we will just make the feast two days in a row.  That means that there will also be plenty of cold corned beef for those good sandwiches that we love to munch on – all that will be needed will be some fresh rye bread and a bit of swiss cheese!!
Yes, I am really looking forward to the meals for the next couple of days.

Time to go out and get the mail and then start on my projects for the afternoon – ie laundry and cleaning………

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