Do you ever………

Do you ever wonder if you are just smarter than other people? Even when they have more education or are older?
I have been pondering that one for most of today.  Here is why…………..  our church (which is really small) is trying to put together a picture directory with a well known photography studio.  We had to have a minimum number of participants in order for them to do it.  Arrangements were made so that we could all book our photo sitting times via the internet.  Simple, right? (pardon me while I snort with laughter)  I suggested to a couple of the people in charge (one is an elementary principal) that perhaps we should also have an alternative way to sign people up in case some people do not have internet access.  I received no response to that.
On last Wednesday I found out that we had less than 1/2 of the required sitting appointments and it would have to be canceled if no one else booked one. Since the sessions are this weekend I figured out somebody should do something so that this project didn’t fail.  So I made a decision to bring my laptop to church today – I didn’t have to as there are a couple of computers there – so that we could just do appointments right there between services.  I was told by the people in charge that, that was alright though most people will give any excuse and that is probably why they weren’t booking appointments.
Today we booked 17 more appointments so we are a bit above the minimum needed.  Go us!!
I figured that people were lazy and didn’t want to type the rather long URL into their browser or as I suspected some didn’t have internet access (which was correct in some cases) and some just weren’t sure how to do it and as long as you were the one typing they were more than happy to sign up.
Now I ask you, how come someone who has a minimum of a master’s degree could not figure out that doing it that way would produce a much better outcome than just announcing it, sending home fliers about it and publishing it in our weekly and monthly newsletter did?  This really wasn’t rocket science.
So I sit here and I wonder, why do people have to have so much education to get a job when all one should really need is some good old fashioned common sense and a good work ethic?  Think about it and let me know what you think.

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