Gettin’ that chill in the air

Yes, today I felt that chill in the air that usually hits about a few weeks before snow flies.  I don’t like to feel it as it gives me an ache in my bones and a deep desire to snuggle under something warm and not leave the house.   But today I left the house anyway and journeyed my way out to where it is even more country and the breeze had even more room to blow.

Today I went to visit my friend Lisa.  I was sharing my one stroke painting stuff with her.  She seems to want to do it and work on it together, which is great.  I like having some girl time.  She gave me bean soup for my lunch, which I ate while she fed her granddaughter, Mya, a little red headed pipsqueak who is really struggling to talk.  Poor child isn’t even 18 months old and you can just tell that she will be a little chatter box.

Tonight finds me a bit chilled and reaching for the shrug that Momma crocheted me for my birthday. It comes in handy when one is just sitting and working on the computer.  Or just sitting and reading or watching TV.

Well, that is about it for my thoughts at the moment.  Catch ya later.

1 thought on “Gettin’ that chill in the air

  1. That chill is climbing all over Michigan at the moment and we are all reaching for something warm to throw on. But that is the price we pay for living here. Keep warm and visit often!

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