Quiet Sunday

This is a quiet Sunday afternoon.  The girls are out with Papa and the rest of that side of their family to go eat at Mongolian Bar-b-q.  I don’t expect them home for dinner so sweet hubby and I will probably either eat leftovers or make sandwiches. I don’t feel much like rustling up a big meal.

Today was what they call Eat-n-Greet at church – personally I call it potluck, though I am not allowed to use that terminology when writing anything to advertise it.  They designed it as a way for families to stay after, enjoy a meal and each other’s company.  Since I have counting duties on the same week as the meal, I have to make sure to grab food beforehand or else I won’t eat.  Today the main dish was stuffed cabbage or Golumpki which I absolutely love and rarely get – especially home made ones.  My friend Kathy made them and they were to die for – about 4 inches long and at least 2 1/2 inches around – totally delicious. Even though Kathy had made a full size roaster of the stuffed cabbage there was only one left when the meal was done. There were also home made mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, fresh bread, corn and  a few desserts to choose from.  We brought a simple yellow cake with chocolate icing that I made last night before going up to bed.  After a lunch like that I really don’t want to make much of a dinner.

As soon as I sign off of here, sweet hubby and I are going to tackle the “dining room/family room/office” and get the rest of the boxes out of there.  We would love to be able to use that room over the holidays – just can’t seem to get the gumption up to hoe it out.  My friend, Lisa, volunteered to come help me hoe it out and organize it as she used to do that for a living – hmmmm maybe once we get the majority of the boxes out of there that might be an option.

Well, if I sit here and procrastinate much longer it will be bedtime before I know it……………. that won’t get anything done at all.


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  1. Your Meet and Greet food sounded delicious. I wouldn’t want to cook after that either. I know about the P word. I find myself not jumping to on the jobs I need to get done also. But if you are like me a little pressure throws you in gear and all gets accomplished.

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