Going on day 3 of the new year

So, I woke up this morning to a smattering of snow on the ground. Not enough to shovel, just enough to be annoying. I am really not a fan of the white stuff.  I would rather have a winter of mild temps 30/40s; and I would take rain over snow any day.

Not a whole lot going on here. Did laundry and dishes, ate a couple of meals, goofed around on Facebook, watched stuff on the DVR and am soon heading up to bed.  The last thing I will watch tonight will be “Two Broke Girls” on the DVR upstairs.  That is one of my favorite shows; makes me laugh.

I got quite a few books for Christmas.  I have to finish “True Ghost Stories” before I pick up one of the new ones.  I still have Christmas presents to deliver or mail out – oh the joy of being paid once a month!  I would rather deliver them then mail them out – I like to see people’s faces…..sometimes, especially if they like it.

Next weekend we should be undecorating the house.  There aren’t too many things to put away, should be able to do it in a day.  Put the items back in the numbered pockets on the countdown calendar, put the mini tree back in it’s paper bag, wrap up the mini nativity that I got out this year, strip the tree of ornaments and unassemble it and return it to it’s box on the front porch.  Of course, if for any reason, I have to delay putting the stuff away I know that my sweet hubby won’t be upset.  He loves to look at Christmas tree lights.

Well, that is about all that has been going on for the moment.   Will stop in again and give you an update.

4 thoughts on “Going on day 3 of the new year

  1. You are making better waves putting stuff away than me. Outside is almost done but inside is still the same. But like Michael I like the lights too so it is no big deal. I meant to explain the comment about needed Michael–not to cook or clean — I need him to kick start my ability to get shit done around here. After I made the statement I thought oh shit I’ll bet he thinks I only want him to do for me and that is not it at all.

  2. Michael doesn’t think that and besides both of us like to help you out, that is never a problem. We like to come up and visit – just don’t want to wear either of you out thinking you have to do for us while we are there. More than happy to give you a hand with cooking or cleaning or whatever – that’s just how we roll.

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