Time has flown……..

As usual, I start off the year with every intention of visiting here several times a week and then after one thing and another time gets away from me and then here we are. Sometimes I think of things to write and then I don’t because I don’t want to upset anyone reading this blog. Sometimes I don’t write because even if this is a venue for me to write and share how I feel about things I still remember the first writing class I took out at the community college I attended many moons ago; just about every paper I turned in, personal opinion piece, journal, was returned with the word “Trite” written in big red letters across the top.  That memory alone has the ability to get me to stop writing and close up my laptop.

Today I am working on getting past that.  I want to write about what I am doing, what I am thinking and what is happening in the world that I care to comment about.  I truly need to stop worrying about what people think and concentrate more on what I feel and want to say.

This is a wonderful day today, sunshine and good temps with a breeze.  We are up to Momma’s lending a hand after her surgery. I have walked the dog a couple of times and found it both relaxing and a bit of an exercise all at the same time.   I have finished reading the entire series of “The Hunger Games” as well as watch the movie on Saturday.  At the moment life is very peaceful.

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  1. I finally got the toolbar back so I could read your blog. I just wanted to say tank you again for all yours and hubby’s help.

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