Straight No Chaser

that is group that I will be seeing tonight at the Fox Theatre in Detroit.  My nephew had posted about them on Facebook and so being the curious sort that I am, I headed over to YouTube and searched.  I found a video of them performing at YouTube headquarters and watched all 42 minutes of it.  My favorite song was The Christmas Can-Can which can be found at 17:30 mark in this video: Straight No Chaser in concert at YouTube it is really funny.  (fast forward past the interview for more singing)

This was a present from my girls – chauffeured by the youngest one, out for dinner at a restaurant (not sure of the name) that I think is Italian, and then the concert.  Of course, the oldest one won’t be here as she is hard at work in NYC and won’t be home for the holidays till the 21st.

Today started with picking a couple of our friends up at the airport.  They were coming in from Hawaii where they had gone for their 25th anniversary.  Lots of little interesting stories on the ride home and I am sure the next time we get together we will hear some more.

So, my day will be long – I think that I will be taking a nap this afternoon – but it will end with this concert and that will be really fun!!  I can hardly wait!

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