The holidays

are fast approaching and I am far from ready.  The tree is up and it’s bare limbs mock me every day. Sweet hubby has done some baking but it too is far from finished.  I have most of the shopping done; have to get up at the crack of dawn tomorrow to go back to Meijers to get the ham, GFS to pick up more eggs and a veggie tray; K-mart to pick up something for Mimi; Ollie’s to pick up something for the fiance of the youngest and then home to clean, decorate, pack cookies to ship to the assorted in-laws, finish doing cards, go to the post office and in between times eat and if I am really, really lucky maybe a quick nap.

The oldest one is arriving early for the holidays and will be showing up sometime tomorrow afternoon.  Hopefully all the presents that I ordered online will start arriving by Friday – that would be a good thing!!  Have already received some of them, just waiting for the rest.

Tomorrow night we will take pizza to Mimi.  It will give her a chance to visit with the oldest one and also the littlest one when she shows up after work.  Then Sunday there are tentative plans to visit with Pops and have dinner with him and his sister-in-law.   Christmas day will find us hosting my niece and her hubby; now this is making me nervous as she has never been here, we have always met at restaurants.

I guess I better call this a night since it just slipped into Thursday already.


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