Two more sleeps and

a wake up then it will be the day to see the surgeon to get cleared to drive and resume living.  So looking forward to that visit, I don’t even care if it involves more bright lights in my eye!!

Not much is going on at the moment.  Seem to be napping and sleeping in more than getting things accomplished. Today sweet hubby made me bacon and eggs for brunch while I took a shower and chatted to Momma on the phone. He also made me pumpernickel toast which I slathered with harlequin pear jam that found it’s way here from Momma and Jay’s!!   Brunch was a hit!

Some people are having difficulties and are in my thoughts.  My sister-in-law who is a quad is hospitalized with pancreatitis and a bad gallbladder.  They nixed gallbladder surgery as it is very difficult to do with the way her colostomy is positioned.  So they are giving her massive doses of antibiotics to try to get it to heal.  One of my other friends had a family at their church who lost everything in a house fire.  They are collecting things to help them out as they got put into a condo for the moment.  They mentioned that the husband had his computer burn up.  I am wondering if we have any that would be alright to donate – or if, like many things around here, the computer would be too out of date/old to be of use to anyone.

Today I haven’t done much.  Went to the mall to pick up the Christmas ornaments that we had put on layaway – best thing ever invented.  Came home, made some phone calls then left to go eat dinner at church to help the youth group raise money for their annual trip, then to church because it is Advent so they have a special service on Wednesday.  They had the first and second graders sing a song during the service, it was cute; don’t ask me what they sang as I was not quite focused on the music.

Now sweet hubby is already up the stairs and I should be heading up that way too.

Hope you had a slightly more productive day in your neck of the woods!!

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