Still sweating……..

and the A/C guy is supposed to be out on Thursday between 8am and noon.  Sure hopes he shows up earlier rather than later!!  Of course the predicted temps for the next few days are all in the 60s when I probably wouldn’t have had the air on anyway. Not sure how much this will cost, sure hope it isn’t more than a $100 – keep your fingers crossed.

Stopped by the ceramic shop today to pick up the paints that I had ordered on Saturday.  Paid up for the current class sessions and all my paints and still had $2 in credit left when I was done.  Pretty sure that I will blow that buying more paints as I don’t have all the colors I need for this 18 piece set.

I spent some time going over her mold catalogs looking for things that I could do to give to others for Christmas.  Pretty sure I can do a ceramic angel for less than I usually spend buying one for the MIL each year.  It is supposed to be our “special” gift to each other; she forgets about every other year.  I do have some nice ones from her though.

Tonight I came home and had to dig through some drawers to find a few things before our trip this weekend and what did I find?  I found a 5+ page either song, poem or letter that little sis had written to me way back in 1980.  It sure brought a smile to my face to read it that is for sure.   I also found some cards and little notes that my own kids had done for me when they were little; those made me smile too.

Did lots of running today in the vehicle.  Had to take sweet hubby downtown to get his monthly shot, that was after a doctor appointment, lunch at White Castle (got to love those gut busters!!) and going to the ceramic shop.  After he got his shot we headed toward home with stops at the drug store and the meat market beforehand.

Sweet hubby made burgers for dinner on the stove in his square, cast iron grill pan.  Those were served with some deli potato salad and cole slaw.  We would’ve loved to have his “smashed” potato – potato salad, but it was just too hot to boil potatoes in our house.

I think that I have the temp in the house down to a balmy 79 degrees which is a tad cooler than the 84 degrees it was when we arrived home.  Due to the skies threatening rain when we left this morning, we had shut all the windows and without air it was just about unbearable when we got home.

Now I am going to haul myself upstairs and try to get some sleep in the bedroom that is currently masquerading as a sweat lodge.

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  1. Did the AC get into working order? Tell Michael I’m going to try and do my strawberries before thje surgery if I can get them so he is off the hook but thank you any way. love mom

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