Too HOT!!

Other than when the power was out for 3 days 13yrs ago I have never lived in this house without central air, till now! The first real hot day we had last week we turned on the a/c and loved how it was cooling the house down.  Then the cat came up from the basement and was yowling.  She kept bothering me and yowling.  So I did the usual check of food and water bowls; she kept yowling.  I decided to check to see if her litter box needed cleaning and that is when I found water all over the basement floor!!

The darn drip pan for the a/c is no longer working and the water was just running all over the place.  Two years ago we had a mild leak down there and because we had bought the appliance protection plan from our local electric company we called them to get it fixed.  They showed up, looked at it, told us what the problem was and then said that they couldn’t cover it because the furnace was no longer manufactured and the part was no longer available.  This year the furnace is 10 yrs old.  (FYI – they had an excuse for every appliance that we asked them to fix.  We dropped the coverage as it was a waste of money.)

So, as the thermometer creeps higher and it gets more unbearable we sit here under our ceiling fan and pray that we win the lottery.  Having the a/c fixed would be great; having the money to accomplish that would be better.  Better times are a coming!!

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  1. How to fix something is always easy when you have money. Unfortunately that is something we lack at times. Don’t feel bad we are all bailing the same boat!

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