I am not going to

ask if it can get any hotter.  I listened to the weather tonight and it is indeed supposed to get hotter in the coming days.  I will pray for rain instead.

Today I felt like I was literally melting into a puddle.  It is cooler now that the sun has gone down and I wish this coolness would continue on into the rest of the week.  At the end of last week it was perfect here, the days were just warm enough with low humidity; my perfect kind of summer day and the nights had a cool breeze to them which was just wonderful for sleeping.

My friend said it rained today at her home which is south of Hooterville but north of my home and she said she hoped that it would come our way as it had cooled off there nicely.  We can only hope.

After suffering through 19 straight days of rain so far this summer you probably think that I am nuts for wishing for more rain right now, but that isn’t it at all.  I just want the rain so the heat and humidity go away.  I don’t mind warm as long as it isn’t humid too.

Need to find that perfect area that has temps between 70 and 78 degrees Farenheit with sun, low humidity and blue skies the majority of the time with enough rainfall to grow things and fill the rain barrels.  Ah, it is so nice to dream!

So gentle reader if you know of any such place, please share!!

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