I would like to introduce a new blogger! He grew up in my hometown, we rode the bus to school together for a whole year and he dated one of my friends, who helped me convince him that her and I were cousins.  (Have I ever mentioned that I have always wanted a large family??)

So far, all the stories he has posted on his blog are true; unlike me 99.8% of the time and never my own, he posts people’s names – only their first names though so that they can retain a bit of anonymity.

Please take some time to go over to his blog,, and read the 138 posts that he has put up so far.  I think you will like them.  Some are extremely funny, some are thought provoking and some will let you get to know the real person behind the blog.

Click on over there and enjoy.  Leave him a comment to let him know you stopped by or that you liked what you read.  He has some really, really, really good posts and only one so far that I didn’t really like.

I hope that you do and give this very well written blogger a place in your daily line up of things to read.

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