The Dodge

My friend over at just wrote a blog about attending his friends’ wedding down in Tennessee and the old cars that were there.  In a conversation with him I found out that he had never ridden in a real old car till that weekend.

WOW, I thought everyone had ridden in a model A or T or even an old Dodge at least once in their life.  After talking with him it became apparent that not everyone grew up with a father who was obsessed with old cars.

Almost as far back as I can remember, my father had an old car or two in the garage that he was restoring. Sometimes one would be to the point where he could actually drive it in a local parade.  Of course, we weren’t allowed to ride on the running boards like we wanted to do for the parade; he deemed it unsafe.   Other times they sat in the garage while he pursued his other passions, farming, wood work and junk collecting, and didn’t get restored.

After having been out of touch with my father for several years and in getting to know him again I found out that he had a fully restored 1929 Dodge.  I believe it to be a Dodge Senior Six Sport, at least that is what I think from looking at the pictures of it and seeing pictures of others online.  He never really referred to it as anything other than “The Dodge”, so I don’t know for sure.  (If anyone can tell for sure the year and make of it please let me know.)

About two years before he passed away he told us that he was going to sell the Dodge.  So we helped him by searching on the internet and figuring out what it was worth.   We told him the price and I kidded with him that since my birthday was coming up that would be a wonderful present.   He just wanted to sell it and that is just what he did, for a third of it’s value since it was fully restored.

If you see this beautiful vehicle on the road or at a local (MI) car show; it just might be his old Dodge and you will know that, that person got a very good deal.

Chucks Dodge0001

Pops in his Dodge

2 thoughts on “The Dodge

  1. That would have been exciting for you as a kid-hey even now! I kind of understand his selling for less now that I’m trying to get rid of things I’m not going to need.

  2. Nice post! No my Dad never messed with old cars too much…the oldest he messed with was a 1962 Corvette he was restoring for my Mom. That’s long since gone too…
    Me? I’m a fan of the big fins too…but I’d really like a 1961 Studebaker Hawk…long and black!!! 🙂
    Now keep writing! (He says when he hasn’t written in 5 days)

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