But you accepted the pig!!!

Digging through my ring box the other day I came across a ring that is a turtle shape.  It is turquoise, some red stone and sterling silver; two of my favorite things are in that ring.  Upon seeing it, I was instantly brought back to those days in 9th grade when I had the unwanted attention from an underclassman.

He was in a couple of my classes, would always try to sit by me or get into conversations with me.  He was an okay person, just a wee bit strange and kind of clingy for a guy.  I had already told him several times that he wasn’t my type and to back off.  You think he would’ve gotten the message when I didn’t ask him to the Sadie Hawkins Dance!!

It was Christmas time and he followed me to my bus on that last day of school.  I can still see it as if it had happened yesterday.  His dark red hair, blue eyes, pale white face and holding out a wrapped present.  He assured me that it was for me and he didn’t expect one in return.  “Go on take it.  I got it just for you.”  Okay………….

Got it home and waited to open it till the 26th of Dec.  The box contained a cute, stuffed pig – cute if you like that sort of animal, and attached around it’s neck with ribbon were two rings.  I can’t remember what the one ring looked like but the other was the turtle one.  I cut the ribbon and tried on the rings; only the turtle one fit.

Returning back to school after the holiday, he was waiting for me as I stepped off the bus and tried his usual tactics to start a conversation.  I was my usual monosyllable self and tried to lose him in the hallway.  All too soon it was time for chorus, one of the couple of classes we were in together, and he was waiting at the door.  He got all excited when he noticed that I was wearing the turtle ring on my RIGHT hand.  I managed to get him to sit in his seat and leave me be till the end of class, when he insisted on walking me to my next one.

It wasn’t till the last hour of my day that I found out he had been running around school telling people that we were going steady.  I was like, “What??  Oh HELL NO!!!”  When I saw him after school I asked him what was going on with telling people that we were going steady.  He said, “Well we are!!”  And even tried to move in for a kiss; I was having none of that action.  I demanded an answer.  He said, “Well you came back to school wearing the ring I gave you for Christmas. And you accepted the pig it was attached to.”   I stood there with my mouth open in surprise as he hurried away to his bus.

The next day in chorus, he was given his stuffed pig back with both rings attached.  They made a nice clinking noise as it sailed through the air towards his head.   I told him to consider us broken up.  After that he was horribly obnoxious and crude to me for the rest of the year.  I did my best to ignore him because it didn’t sit well with the principal if I pulverized boys who were shorter than me, and underclassmen to boot.

I found the turtle ring in my backpack over the summer when I was giving it a deep clean before a canoe trip.  I don’t know when that little red haired twerp put it in there, or how he did it without being seen.   Now it sits in a little box with other rings that I don’t wear, but can’t seem to get rid of either.

2 thoughts on “But you accepted the pig!!!

  1. Don’t you know? You NEVER accept a stuffed pig from a Redhead…in some countries you’re still married to him!!! Lol

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