Sept. 11

It is that day again.  The day that I am usually holed up in my home; the day that I barely go outside; not a day that I look forward to every year.  This year I will be spending it with Mimi in her room at the nursing home and for once I won’t even watch TV.

Today is the day we remember Ronald George Hoerner, the husband of sweet hubby’s boss, one of the people that we knew that were lost when the towers fell. (Memorial Link)

I hope that everyone takes a moment today to bow their head or pause during their day to remember all the lives lost on that day; all the victims and the heroes who rushed in to help and those that lost their lives doing so.  Remember where you were, and what you were doing when you heard about it on the radio or TV or from a neighbor or co-worker.

If you lost someone on that day, you have my deepest sympathies as it is a loss that is not easily gotten over.

In Memory of Those We Have Lost

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