The One From Hell………

One of my new friends was telling me about her recent trip to Boston and how they started staying at Bed & Breakfasts while on their trip and how much they enjoyed staying in them.  I told her that I had always thought about how nice it would be stay at one till we stayed at the one I have affectionately dubbed, “The One From Hell”.

The oldest was going off to college and we had to go up to do orientation.  Waited just a bit too long to get into a decent hotel in the area so we opted to stay in a Bed & Breakfast that we had found online.  The pictures looked good, the description read well and there was a refund guarantee if you didn’t enjoy your stay.  We were hooked.

Driving up there we were all excited, and even though they had a “policy” about not accepting late arrivals we had called the owner and made arrangements with her.  We got there after dark and after unloading by the back porch,the vehicle had to be pulled around to the parking area by the barn.  Since sweet hubby had just gotten out of the hospital I was driving and wasn’t too happy about walking back to the house from the barn in the dark.

When I got back to the house, we met the owner and encountered our first problem.  We were supposed to have the rooms on the ground floor since sweet hubby couldn’t do the stairs easily and was lugging an oxygen tank.  She had switched our rooms out for ones on the second floor.  Fortunately there was a bathroom on the second floor which only our family would be using as, according to the owner, we were the only ones up on there.

Going up the stairs was hard as the railing kept getting lower and lower and totally disappeared by the time you reached the second floor.  Made it very hard for someone who was having a hard time breathing and needed the railing to go up the stairs.  I asked the owner if she was planning on getting it replaced to a full railing and she said no as she was trying to keep the house as original as possible.

Our girls were sleeping in the first room at the top of the stairs.  It had a nice queen sized bed in it, a comfy chair and a medium sized color TV that we were assured worked and was hooked up via a satellite so had plenty of channels.  I had noticed that the hallway outside of the bedroom had some dead flies and mentioned it to the owner. She said that there had been quite a few of them up there that afternoon but that she had vacuumed them up.

Our room was down a short hall off of the main hallway and had an antique queen sized metal frame with a down filled pillow topped mattress.  We also had a medium sized TV, a couple of comfy chairs and a couple of low dressers that we could put our suitcases on.   There were extra pillows and quilts on a small chest in case we wanted or needed them during our stay.

The bathroom was pretty generous with cutesy little flourishes in it.  And every room had at least one or two books laying around that the owner thought would make some good reading.

There was also an apartment upstairs that had it’s own outside entrance that she was in the middle of remodeling and showed us so that we knew exactly what was upstairs.

The girls went to their room to get ready for bed and we were in our’s getting into pjs and relaxing.  Then the girls were at our door saying that their TV didn’t work.  So I walked down to their room and all their TV got was static. I checked all the connections and played with the various buttons, but nothing was working.  I told the girls to grab their pillows and the quilt off of their bed and come watch TV in our room.  It was in getting the quilt off of their bed that I happened to notice the book on their nightstand, “Teenage Thoughts on Suicide”.  Not exactly the type of book that one wants to see on their teen aged daughters’ nightstand!!

We got the girls in our room and had them settled in front of the TV, I went down the hall to the bathroom only to find the door locked and the light on.  I went back to the room to ask the girls if they had done that while we were getting ready for bed and they said that they hadn’t even been in the bathroom yet.  I walked back down to the bathroom and the door was open with the light still on.  I tried the door to the apartment to see if it would open, but it was just as locked as it had been when the owner locked it up.  There were more books in the bathroom; they were about politics which I thought was fitting.

While I was in the bathroom I kept hearing noises from behind the tub surround which sounded like the girls messing around and bumping into something.  Knowing that it was getting late I marched down toward our room and that was when I realized that the bathroom walls did not touch our walls as we were down a short hallway.  Instead there was this little door that had some light under it that would’ve been right behind the tub and the door was locked.  I paced out both hallways and realized that there was enough room behind the tub for a small room to exist.  This put me a little bit on edge.  Sweet hubby reasoned that it was just the storage closet for the linens and whatnot for the rooms upstairs; he wasn’t creeped out by it at all.

The owner had said that she had left a pitcher of water in the bathroom along with some glasses so I went back to the bathroom to get that as sweet hubby wanted a drink.  Couldn’t find it anywhere in the bathroom, so remembering that she had said we could help ourselves to anything in the fridge I took the oldest one and headed downstairs to the kitchen.  We walked through the front foyer, the living room through a formal dining room into the big eat in kitchen.

In the kitchen we found a big farm sink along one wall, and an over sized stove that sat next to an over sized fridge.  There was a big counter for working on and a large round table with chairs sat in the middle of what was left of the kitchen with a large hanging light above it.  We found a couple of glasses in the cupboard and filled those up with water to take upstairs as requested.  We quickly walked back upstairs and heard a door shut softly else where in the house.

Back upstairs I settled on our bed to watch TV with the family and try to de-stress from driving all day.  Soon enough it was time to go to bed.  We told the girls good night and they left to walk down to their room.  Seconds later they came running back to our room yelling about flies in their room.  I left them with sweet hubby and walked to their room and opened the door.  It was like the scene out of the “Amityville Horror” movie.  There were literally flies all over the window, the walls, the light – there were even flies on the bed!!  I grabbed a load of the girls’ things and took it down to our room.  Sweet hubby walked back to the room with me and helped me grab the rest of their stuff and even checked the window to see if the flies had somehow come in that way; no dice.  Where those hundreds of flies came from was a mystery.

We settled the girls on makeshift beds on our floor and proceeded to fall into an uneasy slumber.  A couple of hours of not quite a deep sleep and then the oldest one woke me up. “Mom, I can see light coming up through the floor.”  I went over to see what she was talking about and yes, indeed there was a light coming up through the floor.  A knot hole had dropped out of the floor board and a light from the room underneath was shining up through it.  I moved the pile of pillows and blankets that we had her laying on so that they covered the hole and blocked the light.

Back to bed only to be awakened shortly after by the youngest one having a nightmare and yelling “deposit” while she hit the side of the dresser.  She couldn’t remember her dream in the morning, so we never did find out what type of “deposit” she was dreaming about.

Back to bed yet again only to be awakened by the door crashing open into the wall and then slamming shut.  Both girls jumped up screaming, I jumped out of bed and sweet hubby sat up; all of us looking and trying to figure out just what had happened.

Since it was now 6 a.m. and we had to be at the college for orientation at 9:00 and it was a bit of a drive we decided to just get up and get dressed.  We were supposed to come back to the bed & breakfast for another night but there wasn’t any way that we were going to be spending another night in that house.

While the girls used the bathroom, we packed up our room and returned the extra bedding back to what was supposed to be the girls’ room.  Then it was my turn to take a shower.   I was rinsing the shampoo out of my hair when I heard tapping on the wall behind the tub.  I hurried through the rest of my shower, toweled off, jumped in my clothes and found the water pitcher and glasses that hadn’t been in there when I stepped into the shower. Next I went to check that door in the hall by our room.   I could see the light on under the bottom of the door, so I knocked on it and said hello.  The light went out!!

That was it I was done.  I went into our room and gathered up kids, suitcases, sweet hubby, and his oxygen and went downstairs for our breakfast.  Before we sat down to eat, sweet hubby told the owner that we wouldn’t be able to stay the 2nd night and tried to explain it to her.  There was quite a bit of back and forth till the bill was settled up.  She didn’t honor her policy about refunding part or all of your stay if you weren’t happy either.

Breakfast was yet another adventure.  The owner said that she had made us stuffed french toast and that there were muffins and sweet breads to eat while we waited for it to be finished.  The breads were wonderful, the butter soft and spreadable; that along with a good cup of coffee made an excellent start to what we all hoped was a good breakfast.

The stuffed french toast was brought to the table, along with her announcement that she had just received this recipe from a friend and had decided to try it out on us.  Uh oh, this just didn’t sound like it would be good.  She served us all a rather large piece of it and went on to explain that it was made with cream cheese (something hubby will not eat), blueberries (something one of the girls will only eat in muffins) and walnuts (which neither of the girls will eat).  So the kids picked at it, I tried to eat it but it was overly sweet and sweet hubby just kept moving it around on his plate.

Eventually she noticed what was going on and as we started to get up to leave she said that if we didn’t like the french toast that she could make us eggs and potatoes.  Being as it was getting time to leave for the orientation we declined and headed out to the vehicle to leave.   On the way to orientation we hit McDonald’s for our breakfast and had quite the discussion about our adventure.

We didn’t stay at one again till 4 years later when the oldest was graduating and the hotels were full due to all the parents, siblings and grandparents coming in to stay for the ceremony.  I will leave that adventure for another time.


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