Go sit on the roof!!!

A long time ago, in a world far, far away…….   Oh wait!!  Wrong movie!!

Back when the place where I grew up actually had 2 drive-in movie theatres my friend, “Jenny”, and I would often take her car and go for a double feature.

One night we had made plans to go see “The Hills Have Eyes”.  I am pretty sure it was paired with another horror movie, but because of what happened I can’t remember what the other movie was even about.   The plan was made and Jenny was to pick me up and I was going to spend the night at her house after the movie.  To say I was excited and happy to be going and getting out of the house would be an understatement.

I packed my bag, got some snacks ready (the real cool thing about drive-ins was being able to bring in your own snacks), popped some popcorn, grabbed some money and sat on the porch to wait for Jenny to pick me up.

Jenny pulled up in her latest car (her nickname is “Crash”) and jumped out to tell me something.  The something was that she had also invited 2 of her other friends along and they were already in the car and one was already riding shotgun (front passenger seat) and that was MY seat whenever we went anywhere.  Jenny told me that they had dropped by right as she was getting ready to leave and she had invited them to join us.  (Seriously you couldn’t have called and warned me?)

Now, if you are wondering why I was acting like such a little brat here’s the scoop – all 3 of them went to the same high school – but not with me, all 3 of them were a grade ahead of me and all of them were 2 years older than me.  I should’ve been thrilled to be going with them but instead I was being my pain in the butt younger self and being jealous.  Plain and simple; I was used to it being just the 2 of us and I didn’t like surprises.

Well, I climbed in the back of the car and tried to be pleasant to everyone; only Jenny knew that I was less than happy about the situation.  I ended up sitting behind Jenny and that was when the plan began to form.

We got to the drive-in and of course there was a discussion about where to park to watch the movies.  When Jenny voiced that she would rather park a little closer to the concession stand and the other two were voicing their objections, my voice said it should be driver’s choice and then I muttered something about it being her vehicle she should park it wherever she wanted to.  She parked where they wanted to.

We parked, went to the concession stand to get sodas, came back to the car and put the speakers on the windows. I passed around the snacks and popcorn, then put my icy cold soda between my knees and sat back to enjoy the show.

I used to be better with horror movies than I am now; could watch them all day and even find humor in them.  Well, I was finding more than humor in this one, I was getting more ideas.

About mid-way through this horror movie I discovered that not only were my knees getting cold from the soda, but my hands were also about freezing and then suddenly the plan came together.

I wrapped my hands around the cup and held on till my hands were really icy cold.  I leaned forward on my seat till my head was almost touching Jenny’s and I started talking to her about the creepy stuff that was happening in the movie; all the while slowly moving my hand out my window and in through her’s.  Then I slowly wrapped my hand around her throat, not hard enough to hurt her.  I just touched it with my icy hand enough to scare her silly. Well, she screamed and leaped toward the middle of the car and I sat back in my seat and laughed and laughed.

Unfortunately the joke was on me – first I was asked just what the hell I was doing and then I was told to get the hell out of her car and to sit on the roof till it was time to leave.  If I couldn’t be nice then I wasn’t allowed to sit in the car with the rest of them.   What??  I was only kidding around!!!

So, I took my popcorn, my soda and some of the snacks and exited the car.  I put my stuff on the roof and using the bumper as a first step I made my way up on the roof of the car where I sat for the rest of the evening.

It took many apologies and a couple of days before our friendship was back to where it was before the movie.  And now that we are older, it is something that we can laugh about when we reminisce.  Yes, she still calls me a little brat whenever the incident is brought up; but it is done amid smiles and laughter.  (I am glad that I have such a forgiving friend; especially when I was being a total jerk.)

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  1. Too funny!! Yes, my kids get jealous – mostly of each other and Lord help you if you happen to get in between them. I sure hope they grow out of it by the time that they hit 30.

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