Good bye to our fur baby

As many of you know we had to adopt our daughter’s cat when she moved out.  She had named the cat Zonia; Zo for short and couldn’t take her with her when she moved in with her cousin.

So, Zo became our cat; our little fur baby and the best friend of sweet hubby.

According to our vet, Zo was one of the cleanest cats he had ever seen.  I said she could shed a whole other cat in two days.  She was constantly grooming herself.  Pet her and as soon as you stopped she would groom that whole area as if you were petting her with dirty hands.

Unfortunately all that grooming led to the biggest hairball in her stomach that the vet had ever seen.  We had the vet remove the hairball and brought her home.  She was supposed to start eating, but she never really ate well again.  She would pick at her food, sniff it and walk away.  We fed her with a syringe because we were trying to save her life, we did that till it looked like she was having a seizure while we were trying to get her to eat.  We went back to the vet only to be told that they would have to put a feeding tube in and that the risk of infection was very high.  Choices were offered and after a lot of thought we made the ultimate decision to be compassionate and let her go.

That was one of the hardest decisions we have had to make to date.  It hurt to make it and it was hard to say good bye to our fur baby; it was just the best choice.

Rest in Peace  dear Zo.

Zo  last pic 10 24 2015

2 thoughts on “Good bye to our fur baby

  1. That is one of the great shames in life. To bring us so much joy their lives are way too short! R.I.P. Zo, you will be missed!!!

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