September 11

Another 9/11 has come and gone.  It is only the second one in 15 years that I have been out of my house for almost the whole day.  I have many memories of the worst 9/11 that our country has ever seen, not too many of them are cheerful.  I can remember everything about that day; where we were; what was happening around us the whole day.  I can remember where I would’ve been had I not cancelled an interview for that morning.  Cancelling that interview has haunted me for many, many years.

Sweet hubby has a hard time with this day.  He knew a few people who worked in the towers of the World Trade Center.  He doesn’t know what happened to some of them as, with people you know during college, you don’t always keep in touch like you wish you would.  Here is a tribute to one; it is the only one I can find on the internet Ron Hoerner.   He was the husband of one of hubby’s supervisors and hubby had spent time with him, gotten to know him, considered him a friend.

This date will always be a day that I stop and think about the many lives lost that day.

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