It has been a long while since I have sat down to write on here.  Had a few times of not being sure what to write, a few times of feeling like what I had to say was not good enough; I am sure some of you have had some of the same feelings.  And recently I haven’t been on here because I forgot my logon, forgot the logon to the email where I keep the logon information – sometimes I am just hopeless…….

Right now I am not at home – I am in a different state helping out a friend. Unfortunately my friend had to fly back home as her mother-in-law passed away, so here I sit.  I have made a new friend while I’m here – it is a friend of the friend who brought me here.  This woman opened her home to me yesterday and treated me to a nice homemade meal. I had pork chops for the first time in over 11 years – I don’t recall why we stopped eating them – it sure tasted really good though.  Today we went out to lunch and then out for frozen custard. Unlike our local shop in MI this place stays open all year around and offers more than just vanilla and chocolate custard.  I had a scoop of raspberry sitting on top of a scoop of chocolate, my new friend had a double scoop of chocolate all for the amazingly low price of $4.50!!!  At home that amount of custard would’ve been closer to $10.  Needless to say I was very happy with the whole custard experience.

Hope everyone is having a great time in your own corner of the world.



2 thoughts on “Hello…………

  1. So glad to see you active. So where was the custard deal. It sounds like A place I’d like to visit. Keep in touch love mom

  2. In order to visit, we would have to go on a road trip to Milwaukee, WI. I would do it in a heartbeat as the custard was that good!!
    Otherwise we could stick closer to home and head into Otisville to our favorite little ice cream place. Love you too!!

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