It has been a long while since I have sat down to write on here.  Had a few times of not being sure what to write, a few times of feeling like what I had to say was not good enough; I am sure some of you have had some of the same feelings.  And recently I haven’t been on here because I forgot my logon, forgot the logon to the email where I keep the logon information – sometimes I am just hopeless…….

Right now I am not at home – I am in a different state helping out a friend. Unfortunately my friend had to fly back home as her mother-in-law passed away, so here I sit.  I have made a new friend while I’m here – it is a friend of the friend who brought me here.  This woman opened her home to me yesterday and treated me to a nice homemade meal. I had pork chops for the first time in over 11 years – I don’t recall why we stopped eating them – it sure tasted really good though.  Today we went out to lunch and then out for frozen custard. Unlike our local shop in MI this place stays open all year around and offers more than just vanilla and chocolate custard.  I had a scoop of raspberry sitting on top of a scoop of chocolate, my new friend had a double scoop of chocolate all for the amazingly low price of $4.50!!!  At home that amount of custard would’ve been closer to $10.  Needless to say I was very happy with the whole custard experience.

Hope everyone is having a great time in your own corner of the world.




elf on the shelf

The last few years this little elf doll that is now known as “Elf on a Shelf” has been in just about every store and someone is making BIG bucks for the book they created and put with this horrible creation.

To me, it is a thing that nightmares are made of; from Thanksgiving till Christmas this little elf moved from room to room and even when he couldn’t be seen, the jingle bell on his cap would ring to let you know that he was nearby. Mommy Dearest had decided that the best way to get her somewhat willful child to behave, at least between Thanksgiving and Christmas, was to have this elf doll move into our house.  Our elf had a jingle bell on his cap and so was named Jingle; he reported all bad behavior directly to Santa.  I feared him the first year and hated him till he disappeared sometime around 4th grade.

I remember the first year that he appeared, I was in kindergarten and couldn’t wait for Thanksgiving because that meant going to Grammy’s and seeing all my cousins and playing in the snow, snow forts, snow ball fights, sledding, hot chocolate and sleeping in a sleeping bag.  We came home on Saturday and that was when Jingle appeared.

I woke up on Sunday and he was sitting next to my cereal bowl.   I thought that he was a cute little doll and started to play with him instead of eating my breakfast.  Of course that got me a little verbal correction and then Mommy Dearest launched into the tale of “Jingle”, who was Santa’s helper, and suddenly my little shadow.

Even when I couldn’t see Jingle, if I did something wrong I would hear his little bell and was swiftly told that he was reporting my bad behavior to Santa and with any luck I would at least get a candy cane in my stocking instead of a lump of coal.

My older siblings took advantage of the fact that they were tall enough to reach the place where Mommy Dearest had hidden his bell and if I didn’t obey one of their commands or wouldn’t do exactly as they said I would hear Jingle’s bell and I just knew that he was reporting me directly to Santa.

The appearance of the little elf had me frequently looking over my shoulder and constantly trying to be good; which for a little kid isn’t always the easiest thing to do.   Christmas time means Christmas cookies; cut-out iced ones, Russian tea cakes, date bars and gingerbread men.  My sweet tooth is well known in my family so it was a constant internal battle with myself to stay out of the cookie tins.  I would constantly get in trouble for sneaking cookies, especially when I thought that no one was looking.   One night, or should I say early morning, I popped out of the bed that I shared with my oldest sister when she came home from college and quietly snuck into the kitchen to get a cookie or two to munch. I no sooner had the lid off the cookie tin and had taken a hearty bite of a very delicious iced snowman with sprinkles than I heard that bell.  I froze!  Didn’t that elf ever sleep???  I quickly brushed the crumbs off of my face and hands and headed back to bed.  Busted by Jingle!!

The next morning Jingle was once again sitting by my cereal bowl.  I stared at him and wondered how something that looked like a doll could actually talk to Santa.  When I was done I took my bowl to the sink and when I came back Jingle was off the table and sitting at my father’s desk.  I was a firm believer that he was really able to move about on his own and had no doubt that the little rat fink could actually report to Santa.

Fast forward many years later when Mommy Dearest decided that Jingle was no longer working to make me behave for a few weeks of the year and he was gone, never to be seen again.  Jingle never visited my children and when “Elf on a Shelf” started appearing in stores as a “cute” thing at Christmas, I could hardly believe that someone would want to make a profit on something that was a terror to small children.

This is my favorite picture of what to do with an elf on the shelf.  (I really hate those things!!)

Much later they made a movie about a horrible doll named Chucky who could walk around and was known for killing people with his knife.  Part of me thought that he was really Jingle’s evil big brother and I never could watch the movies.

September 11

Another 9/11 has come and gone.  It is only the second one in 15 years that I have been out of my house for almost the whole day.  I have many memories of the worst 9/11 that our country has ever seen, not too many of them are cheerful.  I can remember everything about that day; where we were; what was happening around us the whole day.  I can remember where I would’ve been had I not cancelled an interview for that morning.  Cancelling that interview has haunted me for many, many years.

Sweet hubby has a hard time with this day.  He knew a few people who worked in the towers of the World Trade Center.  He doesn’t know what happened to some of them as, with people you know during college, you don’t always keep in touch like you wish you would.  Here is a tribute to one; it is the only one I can find on the internet Ron Hoerner.   He was the husband of one of hubby’s supervisors and hubby had spent time with him, gotten to know him, considered him a friend.

This date will always be a day that I stop and think about the many lives lost that day.

Good bye to our fur baby

As many of you know we had to adopt our daughter’s cat when she moved out.  She had named the cat Zonia; Zo for short and couldn’t take her with her when she moved in with her cousin.

So, Zo became our cat; our little fur baby and the best friend of sweet hubby.

According to our vet, Zo was one of the cleanest cats he had ever seen.  I said she could shed a whole other cat in two days.  She was constantly grooming herself.  Pet her and as soon as you stopped she would groom that whole area as if you were petting her with dirty hands.

Unfortunately all that grooming led to the biggest hairball in her stomach that the vet had ever seen.  We had the vet remove the hairball and brought her home.  She was supposed to start eating, but she never really ate well again.  She would pick at her food, sniff it and walk away.  We fed her with a syringe because we were trying to save her life, we did that till it looked like she was having a seizure while we were trying to get her to eat.  We went back to the vet only to be told that they would have to put a feeding tube in and that the risk of infection was very high.  Choices were offered and after a lot of thought we made the ultimate decision to be compassionate and let her go.

That was one of the hardest decisions we have had to make to date.  It hurt to make it and it was hard to say good bye to our fur baby; it was just the best choice.

Rest in Peace  dear Zo.

Zo  last pic 10 24 2015

“New” Beginning

I have been reading Momma’s blog and Cindyism’s and then I looked at mine – yup, once again I suck at keeping up with it daily. I think I will work on updating it once a week – with either what is going on with me, my thoughts or a memory.  Let’s see how I do at that.

Today started out alright, and now it isn’t.  I had to send sweet hubby to the store for me because some how I got some flu-ish type of bug.  It isn’t pleasant. I had to stay home from a meeting tonight as there was no way I could do my duties as “President” with the way I was feeling.  The secretary was oh so happy to take over for me.  Tomorrow is a big luncheon at church and of course I am supposed to be there doing many things.  I sincerely hope that I can make it.

So here is one of my thoughts – if you feel like you are coming down with something or you definitely know that you are ill; please for the love of all that is holy – STAY HOME!!  I already came down with a sinus infection which the offender tried to pass off as a seasonal allergy and I wasn’t happy.  Not sure who or how I got this latest “bug”; pretty sure it came from someone who needed to stay home.

Over the summer I got back in touch with an old friend and we have been enjoying speaking with each other and catching up on the 15 years that we hadn’t seen each other.  I do have some trouble keeping our “phone dates”. I don’t always like to chat on the phone and sometimes I just plain forget.  The other day I decided I needed a short nap first and ended up sleeping much longer then intended; yup, missed the phone date.

So this is some of what is going on with me – what is going on with you?



A little of this, a little of that, and a memory

I know it has been a long while since I have posted – I apologize for that – life has just been busy.

The little one (I need to find another way to include her in our conversations) is going to make me a grandmother by the end of Oct this year.  I keep telling her that “she” will be a Halloween baby.

The oldest (and only other child of mine) got engaged the end of June; the wedding will be Aug 2016.

A couple of days ago I went back to the area I grew up in and visited my little “Sis”.  As we drove around after lunch (killing time before a movie) we went through an area that I hadn’t been in in many decades.  I wondered if it was the same intersection near where I had a curious encounter when I was barely in my 20’s.

It was a summer night and I had been watching friends play baseball at one of the many parks in the area. Afterwards we hit one of the many little bars that we usually hung out at – you know the ones that aren’t really busy, no bouncers and tend to overlook the fact that even though you were legally an adult you weren’t supposed to be in there indulging in “adult” beverages because for that you weren’t legally an adult. It helped if you wore “Daisy dukes” (shorty shorts) and a t-shirt that had a bare midriff.   (No, I wasn’t “like that”; it was more to fit in with the crowd I ran with)

Well after a couple of drinks and many dances, it was time to head for home.  I jumped in my trusty, but rusty ’63 “heavy Chevy” Bel Air and drove for home.  Not long after, I was right outside the gates for one of the many GM plants in the area, the Bel Air came to a stop.

I tried turning the key to start it, you didn’t really need the key to start it, but I used it anyway.  No luck.  I got out of the car and raised the hood, checked battery cables, the carburetor, and any other wiring that I could see using a well placed street light; everything was fine.  So I then did what any “damsel in distress” would do; I shut the hood and climbed on top of the car to await rescue.  (No cell phones in those days and no pay phones outside of the plant’s fence.)

I didn’t have long to wait as the afternoon shift was ending and vehicles were exiting the gates.  One problem – no one was stopping.  I waved at a few vehicles and their drivers would wave back, but did not stop.  Finally there were very few vehicles left and I was beginning to think that I would be walking a few miles to where Momma lived and waking someone up to drive me home; when a young man (older than me though) stopped his vehicle and got out.

He asked what was wrong with my vehicle and I said it wouldn’t start.  He then asked if I would open the hood so he could look and perhaps find out what was wrong. Being smart enough to not say that I had done that already I let him look under the hood.  He couldn’t find anything wrong either, so he shut the hood and asked if I needed a ride to the nearest pay phone.  The nearest pay phone put me right where the hookers usually trolled at that hour and I didn’t particularly want to wait for my Pops to come pick me up in that area.  I quickly asked him where he had been going before he stopped.  He said he was going home. I asked where was home; I mean perhaps with any luck he would be going near to my house on the other side of town.  I was in luck!! He was going home to the other end of my neighborhood.  I promptly asked if he would drop me off at my house.  He looked me over, decided I wasn’t a threat and said he would.

Mr. Nice-guy waited till I was settled in his car – no seat belts for us as this was before that was mandatory  – and away towards home we went.  On the way he asked how old I was, I asked him the same (25); where was I going to school and just general questions.  We talked about current movies, books and the like; then he started asking more personal questions.  Did I have a steady boyfriend, what did I like to do on weekends, where had I been that night and so on.  Being younger and a bit naive, I answered everything and even managed to ask a few questions back; which he didn’t always answer.

In a little while we were pulling up in my driveway.  I climbed out of his car and then leaned in his open window to thank him and let him know how much I appreciated his help. The next thing I knew he was  grabbing my wrists and getting very close to my face. He proceeded to tell me that young girls like me should never climb in a car with a stranger no matter how nice he seemed as you never could tell what could happen.  He said the guy could take you to your home like you asked or he could take you anywhere else and you would be in a world of hurt.  Then he let go of me and backed out of my driveway.

I let myself into my house and woke up my Pops who was very angry that I had gotten into a stranger’s car in the middle of the night.  He took me to where my car was and we towed it home.  The next day I walked all over my entire neighborhood trying to to find Mr. Nice-guy’s car, I did that for over a week, every morning and could never find out where he lived even though I checked every driveway on the street he said he lived on.

Was I with a truly nasty piece of work that night who wasn’t up for it after work or was I just with a guy who wanted to help out a damsel in distress and then decided to warn me about the dangers I could of been in?  I will never know.

I know I hadn’t thought about that in a long time and it didn’t come back to me till we went by that GM plant and it set the memories in motion.

Happy New Year!!

It is with high hopes that I sit here waiting for it to become 2015.  The past 6 months have been rough, so I am hoping that this coming year will be much better.

Already the calendar is showing activity.  January shows us travelling to visit long time family friends up near Lansing, February and again in April we will be journeying down to Virginia for family events; first the bridal shower and the wedding of my youngest niece.  We will also be visiting sweet hubby’s extended family of whom, in our 14+ years of marriage, I have only met 4.

Still struggling with my sister’s incompetence in handling my father’s estate & trust; I told him she was trouble and she has exceeded my expectations. So even though he has been gone for almost 2 years things are not completed and she is making many decisions on her own (the paperwork filed in court should prevent it) and with the attorney. If I was a bit better off financially I would definitely be able to hire an attorney and fight this stuff.

I am so glad to see 2015 coming, as it has to be better than 2014!!

Happy New Year Dear Readers – may it be so much better than 2014!!


Merry Christmas!!

merry christmas

Have a very Merry Christmas!!!

I hope all my dear readers are able to enjoy this holiday with their families and friends.

And we call her “Crash”!!

In my last post, I wrote about my friend “Jenny” and that her nickname is Crash.  Since I did not elaborate on why she is called that I thought that I would do that now.

Back when we were in high school, it seemed every time that Jenny got behind the wheel of a car she got into a minor fender bender.  Though she rarely got a ticket, nor caused enough damage to bother with a car repair and no one got hurt, she just couldn’t seem to avoid having an accident.

I remember when she had just bought a new car for herself, a little yellow Pontiac Sunbird and she was so proud of it; couldn’t wait to take me for a ride.  She had graduated high school and had been working full time so we had to go out on a Sunday.

I spent a rare Saturday night at her house, giggling over “Tiger Beat” (a teen magazine about teen idol gossip, fashions, movies and music) and poring over stories in “True Detective” magazine. We didn’t stay up too late as we had promised my parents that I would go to her church in the morning.

We didn’t make it to church as it snowed and on top of what we already had on the ground from before we had to wait till the plow came through so that we could leave.  Once we could leave her house, after lunch, we decided to stop at the 7-11 near her house to get a Slurpee, an icy drink that almost always gave one a “brain freeze”.

When we pulled into the 7-11 I noticed that in plowing out their parking lot the snow was in massive mounds on either side of the driveway.  This made visibility of the road for the vehicle exiting totally impossible.  Inside we got our Slurpees, some more magazines and then headed back to the car.  Before I got back in the car I asked Jenny if she wanted me to go across the street and tell her when it was safe to pull out and she could then pick me up on the shoulder of the road.  “No”, she said, “I can see just fine”.

I didn’t have a good feeling about this, but got in the car anyway.  (You also should remember that this was before wearing seat belts in even the front seat was mandatory)  She started that Sunbird up and toward the driveway we went.  I mentioned again about the snow and maybe I should be outside letting her know when it was safe to come out of the driveway because we couldn’t see the road.  Nope, nope we would be just fine.

She pulled the car out of the driveway and not quite halfway across the lane when BAM!! We were hit by a car on her side, which pushed us into the other lane where we were hit by a car on my side.  Lots of ouchies received that day but no broken bones; just a lot of damaged car and no ticket.

Fast forward to 2013 the two of us in her car, driving down a busy 5 line road with multiple intersections and traffic signals; also lots of vehicles.  We are coming up to some stopped traffic, the light ahead is red – she is NOT SLOWING DOWN!!!  There is a pick-up truck dead ahead and I can tell that if she doesn’t stop really, really fast that the pick-up truck bumper will be contacting with our heads as her car is way smaller than that truck!!  “Jenny, you need to stop.”  (No reaction)  “Jenny, stop.”  (No reaction)  We are getting too close………. “STOP!! STOP!!! STOP THE DAMN CAR!!!”  She slams on the brakes and we barely stop in time.  She looks over and says, “Sorry”.  I have not ridden with her since; I will not.  And people wonder why I prefer to drive myself………………….

Go sit on the roof!!!

A long time ago, in a world far, far away…….   Oh wait!!  Wrong movie!!

Back when the place where I grew up actually had 2 drive-in movie theatres my friend, “Jenny”, and I would often take her car and go for a double feature.

One night we had made plans to go see “The Hills Have Eyes”.  I am pretty sure it was paired with another horror movie, but because of what happened I can’t remember what the other movie was even about.   The plan was made and Jenny was to pick me up and I was going to spend the night at her house after the movie.  To say I was excited and happy to be going and getting out of the house would be an understatement.

I packed my bag, got some snacks ready (the real cool thing about drive-ins was being able to bring in your own snacks), popped some popcorn, grabbed some money and sat on the porch to wait for Jenny to pick me up.

Jenny pulled up in her latest car (her nickname is “Crash”) and jumped out to tell me something.  The something was that she had also invited 2 of her other friends along and they were already in the car and one was already riding shotgun (front passenger seat) and that was MY seat whenever we went anywhere.  Jenny told me that they had dropped by right as she was getting ready to leave and she had invited them to join us.  (Seriously you couldn’t have called and warned me?)

Now, if you are wondering why I was acting like such a little brat here’s the scoop – all 3 of them went to the same high school – but not with me, all 3 of them were a grade ahead of me and all of them were 2 years older than me.  I should’ve been thrilled to be going with them but instead I was being my pain in the butt younger self and being jealous.  Plain and simple; I was used to it being just the 2 of us and I didn’t like surprises.

Well, I climbed in the back of the car and tried to be pleasant to everyone; only Jenny knew that I was less than happy about the situation.  I ended up sitting behind Jenny and that was when the plan began to form.

We got to the drive-in and of course there was a discussion about where to park to watch the movies.  When Jenny voiced that she would rather park a little closer to the concession stand and the other two were voicing their objections, my voice said it should be driver’s choice and then I muttered something about it being her vehicle she should park it wherever she wanted to.  She parked where they wanted to.

We parked, went to the concession stand to get sodas, came back to the car and put the speakers on the windows. I passed around the snacks and popcorn, then put my icy cold soda between my knees and sat back to enjoy the show.

I used to be better with horror movies than I am now; could watch them all day and even find humor in them.  Well, I was finding more than humor in this one, I was getting more ideas.

About mid-way through this horror movie I discovered that not only were my knees getting cold from the soda, but my hands were also about freezing and then suddenly the plan came together.

I wrapped my hands around the cup and held on till my hands were really icy cold.  I leaned forward on my seat till my head was almost touching Jenny’s and I started talking to her about the creepy stuff that was happening in the movie; all the while slowly moving my hand out my window and in through her’s.  Then I slowly wrapped my hand around her throat, not hard enough to hurt her.  I just touched it with my icy hand enough to scare her silly. Well, she screamed and leaped toward the middle of the car and I sat back in my seat and laughed and laughed.

Unfortunately the joke was on me – first I was asked just what the hell I was doing and then I was told to get the hell out of her car and to sit on the roof till it was time to leave.  If I couldn’t be nice then I wasn’t allowed to sit in the car with the rest of them.   What??  I was only kidding around!!!

So, I took my popcorn, my soda and some of the snacks and exited the car.  I put my stuff on the roof and using the bumper as a first step I made my way up on the roof of the car where I sat for the rest of the evening.

It took many apologies and a couple of days before our friendship was back to where it was before the movie.  And now that we are older, it is something that we can laugh about when we reminisce.  Yes, she still calls me a little brat whenever the incident is brought up; but it is done amid smiles and laughter.  (I am glad that I have such a forgiving friend; especially when I was being a total jerk.)