Happy New Year!!

It is with high hopes that I sit here waiting for it to become 2015.  The past 6 months have been rough, so I am hoping that this coming year will be much better.

Already the calendar is showing activity.  January shows us travelling to visit long time family friends up near Lansing, February and again in April we will be journeying down to Virginia for family events; first the bridal shower and the wedding of my youngest niece.  We will also be visiting sweet hubby’s extended family of whom, in our 14+ years of marriage, I have only met 4.

Still struggling with my sister’s incompetence in handling my father’s estate & trust; I told him she was trouble and she has exceeded my expectations. So even though he has been gone for almost 2 years things are not completed and she is making many decisions on her own (the paperwork filed in court should prevent it) and with the attorney. If I was a bit better off financially I would definitely be able to hire an attorney and fight this stuff.

I am so glad to see 2015 coming, as it has to be better than 2014!!

Happy New Year Dear Readers – may it be so much better than 2014!!


It Doesn’t Seem Like……………

That’s right, it doesn’t seem like 8 years!!
8 years ago today found sweet hubby and I becoming husband and wife.  Funny how fast these years have flown, with nary a dull moment to be had.  We have proved to each other that we can be counted on during sickness and health and richer and poorer, in good times and bad and we do alright with happy, funny and sad.

Ok, enough of the bad poetry.  Today I received a real sweet card that sweet hubby made for me on the computer.  It contained one of his poems. He also managed to get me a cookbook, two movies and the first season of one of our favorite shows.  The girls gave us a nice card with a gift certificate to a favorite restaurant and one for two movie tickets so that we can enjoy a night out. The little one even baked us a batch of brownies while we were at the doctors’ today. We received a few gifts of money from other family members which we are using toward the purchase of a Wii.  (We figure a Wii will give us some exercise that won’t outright kill us from the beginning! Ya know being mainly couch potatoes and all)

And now we are working on our 9th year!!

Happy Anniversary Baby!!