Trip to the Farmer’s Market

Went to the Farmer’s Market on Saturday.  About the same vendors as were there last year, minus a couple and add in a couple of new ones.  Coffee guy and spice guy weren’t there this time, had some new people there who have a tree farm.  They also had some flowers and a couple of cherry tomato plants in 12in tubs.  Ended up getting a tomato plant for our patio – hope I don’t kill it.  It smells like tomato already and has quite a few little yellow flowers on it.  The blueberry guy that we bought a plant from last year was there today and when I told him how our lawn guy ran over the one we bought last year he said he would sell me one cheaper because of what happened.  I have to pick it up next week.

The honey lady was there but she was so busy bs’ing with somebody that I didn’t even get a chance to say hello and ask if she knew where the coffee guy was as she took care of his stuff last year.

It was a great time anyway.

Hope you had fun on your Saturday.

A Visit to the Oldest One

Saturday found us doing a quick stop to the Farmers’ Market and then heading off to the oldest one’s new digs.   We went to the market because she had asked us to pick up some zucchini and some bakery items.  Sweet hubby also convinced me to purchase some coffee for myself.  I had to have the coffee guy grind it for me, even though we have a grinder; it is used for spices only.  Got a mini lecture on which grinders to use for grinding coffee as most of them just mush and tear the beans therefore losing some of the flavor, etc., etc.  My bigger concern is how to store it so that it retains it’s freshness.  Sweet hubby just put it up in the cupboard in it’s brown paper coffee “sack” and I am not sure that, that will do the trick.

On we went to visit the oldest one’s apartment which we were warned was on the 3rd floor.  It only felt like 2.5 flights of stairs, heck I was barely huffing as we reached the top.  Sweet hubby sunk into one of her dining room chairs as soon as we cleared the door. Us ladies put away the items we had picked up  for her and discussed various ways to reheat a couple of the baked goods so that they would have good flavor.  Then it was on to a tour of the apartment.

A nice two bedroom, two bath apartment with a dining room living room combo and a rather small kitchen that was also the laundry room.  Her cousin had taken the master bedroom with walk-in-walk-thru closet that ends in the little master bath; she has the smaller bedroom with a slider to the balcony.  Now, before you can say rip off please take in to consideration that she has use of the carport for parking all year around while her cousin must park in one of the available spaces and her cousin is paying a larger portion of the rent.  Her cousin also has two cats that she, alone, must pay the extra amount for; Zo has stayed home with us.

They have some real cute furniture and accessories.  The oldest has done an awesome job of decorating and placing the furniture.  We were very impressed with her talents and told her that when we go to move furniture around she will be in much demand.  She has already volunteered to redecorate our bedroom.

We took her out to lunch at the local Cracker Barrel; parked sweet hubby back at the apartment and headed off to the local IKEA to purchase some items and a lamp of some sort for her bedroom.  At IKEA I found a wall sconce that looked rather nice and would fit in with the decor of her bedroom; she agreed and into the cart it went.  She also was looking for something inexpensive to place under her nightstand to make it as tall as her bed.  I suggested we look in the clearance section as the items we found in the upstairs were more than she wanted to spend.  We found exactly what she was looking for and in her price range too.  She was a very happy camper when we left the store.

Too soon it came time to leave her and come back to our own place.  She will be here tomorrow for dinner – something that we are looking forward to.  We are also looking forward to visiting with her again.

Farmers’ Market

Sorry about the delay in posting anything new – just have to find a way to find some extra quiet time to get back into the swing of blogging.

Saturday, after a quick breakfast at Mickey D’s, we went to one of our many local Farmers’ Markets.  A few vendors were missing that had been at the first one we had gone to at this location but to our delight another vendor was selling their item to help out.  The nice vendor was also selling honey straight from their own hives. We found out that they only live down the road a bit from us and welcomed us to stop by any time we needed honey. (Of course they gave us their business card so that we could call first.)   They don’t pasteurize their honey so that is better for those of us seeking to stay on a healthier route.  They also had honeycomb chunks for chewing on and larger one for those that like their honey that way.  They also were selling bees’ wax candles – not the ones that are just rolled up from the wax – these had been melted down and were a wonderful golden yellow and were in shapes; apple, lighthouse, wolf, bee hive, etc.  They smelled like pure honey and were attracting bees. There was also some honey soap that I bought as it smelled so good – came home and tucked that right in with my p.j.s!!  Don’t know if you have ever seen honey – plain or flavored – inside clear plastic straws; they had those in several flavors so we got some of them as well.

Might be going to a different one this Saturday – though not sure as we have been invited to the oldest one’s new apartment to check it out.  She is finally settled in – her cousin is not – so she wants us to come see and if her cousin’s room isn’t finished she promised to shut the door.

Hope you get to go to a local farmers’ market before they gone till next year!!  (We do have one down by us that stays open all year long)

Another vendor was selling blueberry bushes so we got one of those and planted it in our yard.  Next year we should have some blueberries to enjoy – if the birds don’t get to them first!!

There were vendors selling other candles, fresh veggies (we got some of those), bakery baked goods (got some of those because our sweet tooths were begging) and there was a man selling fresh herbs, dried herbs and a few products that he makes from his herbs.  (I will be adding his blog to the side bar as soon as I can find his business card.)  He sold us a herb called savory and said that I could find recipes/suggested uses for it on his blog as he blogs about his various herbs on Saturdays and also includes recipes. (I really have to find his business card!!)

Hopefully we will be going to another Farmers’ Market on Saturday though I am not sure right now.  We have been invited to spend the day at the oldest one’s new apartment.  She moved into it last Saturday, while we were out to the market, along with her cousin.  We haven’t been to see it yet as she wanted it all set up first.  She has invited us to come out for a look and if her cousin’s room isn’t ready then she will close her door.

May you get to a Farmers’ Market near you before they shut down for the year – though one of the ones by us stays open all year around.