I Love YOU

Three of some of the best or three of the worst words in the English language – it all depends on how you are feeling at the time; sometimes they can just be three words.

Remember the first time you told someone in your life, “I love you”?  For most of us it was probably one of our parents or a grandparent and we may not even remember that very first time.  Certainly the older most of us get, the harder it becomes to remember anything from when we were younger than about three – I definitely remember things that happened when I was three.

Since we’re doing “remember when”s let’s remember the first person of the opposite sex (not parent or sibling or any other relative) that you said it to – can you remember that person, anything about that person?  I can.  I can because it was the first time I felt that way about a person who wasn’t related to me; I can remember almost every thing about him.

How about friends? Have you ever said “I love you” to any of your friends (regardless of gender) because they were closer to you then some of your other friends or family? There a few of my friends that I have said I love you to.

Sometimes when I say it to a friend they aren’t quite sure what to say.  I remember one of my guy friends, the first time I said it on the phone to him. Now that was a moment that makes me smile to this day.  We both were just newly divorced and hung out with each other on the weekends we didn’t have our kids.  He fixed my vehicle, I cooked for him.  Sometimes we’d go out to the local bar and have their prime rib special, other times we’d sit at his place and watch hockey or NASCAR depending on the time of year.  Both of us were dating other people at the time, so it wasn’t anything more than friends. (Don’t get that look on your face) One day we were talking on the phone and he was reminding me that the next weekend I had to come over and get my oil changed, tires rotated. The call was coming to an end and I don’t know if it was out of habit from normally talking to my kids or what but I said (quite plainly) “Talk to you soon. Love ya. Bye” and hung up the phone.  It didn’t stay hung up for long, as it was ringing about 10 seconds later. The call was from him and the first thing that he said was, “Did you just say Love ya?”  Yes, yes I did – because you are one of my best friends and I will always love you.  (Yes, my hubby knows; knows him and understands it; his wife – well, let’s just say that she isn’t really a fan of mine.

If you’re married, can you remember when you started dating your spouse and the first time you said “I love you” and do you still feel the same way now, that you did then when it was first said?

“I love you” is just as, if not more, powerful to say to a person than saying “I hate you”. And really, wouldn’t you rather be telling someone that you love them than ever uttering that you hate them??

Think about that for awhile.  In the mean time, remember that someone loves you.


And we call her “Crash”!!

In my last post, I wrote about my friend “Jenny” and that her nickname is Crash.  Since I did not elaborate on why she is called that I thought that I would do that now.

Back when we were in high school, it seemed every time that Jenny got behind the wheel of a car she got into a minor fender bender.  Though she rarely got a ticket, nor caused enough damage to bother with a car repair and no one got hurt, she just couldn’t seem to avoid having an accident.

I remember when she had just bought a new car for herself, a little yellow Pontiac Sunbird and she was so proud of it; couldn’t wait to take me for a ride.  She had graduated high school and had been working full time so we had to go out on a Sunday.

I spent a rare Saturday night at her house, giggling over “Tiger Beat” (a teen magazine about teen idol gossip, fashions, movies and music) and poring over stories in “True Detective” magazine. We didn’t stay up too late as we had promised my parents that I would go to her church in the morning.

We didn’t make it to church as it snowed and on top of what we already had on the ground from before we had to wait till the plow came through so that we could leave.  Once we could leave her house, after lunch, we decided to stop at the 7-11 near her house to get a Slurpee, an icy drink that almost always gave one a “brain freeze”.

When we pulled into the 7-11 I noticed that in plowing out their parking lot the snow was in massive mounds on either side of the driveway.  This made visibility of the road for the vehicle exiting totally impossible.  Inside we got our Slurpees, some more magazines and then headed back to the car.  Before I got back in the car I asked Jenny if she wanted me to go across the street and tell her when it was safe to pull out and she could then pick me up on the shoulder of the road.  “No”, she said, “I can see just fine”.

I didn’t have a good feeling about this, but got in the car anyway.  (You also should remember that this was before wearing seat belts in even the front seat was mandatory)  She started that Sunbird up and toward the driveway we went.  I mentioned again about the snow and maybe I should be outside letting her know when it was safe to come out of the driveway because we couldn’t see the road.  Nope, nope we would be just fine.

She pulled the car out of the driveway and not quite halfway across the lane when BAM!! We were hit by a car on her side, which pushed us into the other lane where we were hit by a car on my side.  Lots of ouchies received that day but no broken bones; just a lot of damaged car and no ticket.

Fast forward to 2013 the two of us in her car, driving down a busy 5 line road with multiple intersections and traffic signals; also lots of vehicles.  We are coming up to some stopped traffic, the light ahead is red – she is NOT SLOWING DOWN!!!  There is a pick-up truck dead ahead and I can tell that if she doesn’t stop really, really fast that the pick-up truck bumper will be contacting with our heads as her car is way smaller than that truck!!  “Jenny, you need to stop.”  (No reaction)  “Jenny, stop.”  (No reaction)  We are getting too close………. “STOP!! STOP!!! STOP THE DAMN CAR!!!”  She slams on the brakes and we barely stop in time.  She looks over and says, “Sorry”.  I have not ridden with her since; I will not.  And people wonder why I prefer to drive myself………………….

Just another sad event

On Tues., July 8, 2014 my friend Rick died.  He didn’t die peacefully at home surrounded by loved ones as we often read in obituaries; but rather on a street, alone.  And herein lies  why it is so sad………….

Rick received a closed head brain injury quite a few years ago when the ATV he was riding on collided with a pick up truck that was going the wrong way on a clearly marked trail; Rick almost died.   Strong man that he was, he recovered and was able to walk, talk and sort of resume a normal life.  He really wasn’t competent to make legal decisions but his employer (the big blue oval) said that he had to return to work when in fact he should’ve been medically disabled and given disability.  He worked for a few more years and his employer kept demoting him as he could no longer handle his job.  Eventually he was offered a buy-out & retirement which he took and started being at home, every day, all the time.

He had some medical issues, suffered a few seizures when sleeping; otherwise he was a happy go-lucky guy – he just had no “filters” so to speak and often spoke exactly what he was thinking; which could either be hilarious or hurtful depending on the situation and what he said.  He liked to go on walks and was known to go dumpster diving behind stores.

One year for a few weeks Rick and his wife came and attended a financial class near us.  Since it was at night and we went too, they would come down for dinner, we’d all go to class and then they would come back to the house, play cards or watch TV and then spend the night.

The lady teaching the class was just a tad snobbish (at least that is how she seemed to us) but Rick never cared about that; he would still talk to her every week.  So one week he showed me what he had found while dumpster diving; it was a carved onyx donkey.  (I collect the stuff, and it was a nice piece)  He took it to class and was going to show her his great find.  For grins I said make sure you tell her where you found it after you show her.  He said alright, he didn’t care if people knew he went into dumpsters, and headed up to the front of the room to show her. I sat in the back of the class to watch what happened.

I could see him show her the piece, talking quite animatedly about it and she took it from his hand and was really looking at it, telling him how nice it was; I had a great view of her reaction when he told her where he had found it.  I thought this lady was going to throw it at him.  She rapidly dropped it in his hand and stepped back a couple of feet.  As soon as she could get away from him she came flying back to the back of the room and right into the Ladies’ room.

I slowly sauntered in there on the pretense of using it before class and saw her furiously scrubbing her hands. When she saw me in the mirror, I could tell that she was ready to explode – it was so hard to keep a straight face and inquire why she was so upset.  To her credit she didn’t say anything bad about Rick and never let on that anything was wrong; she just said that she had gotten something on her hands and needed to get it off.   For the rest of the sessions she wouldn’t touch anything that Rick brought to class.

Rick loved to joke around and kid.  If he liked you, you knew it.  He adored his wife and always told me how much he loved her.  Some of his favorite times were when he would come visit us and spend a night or two here.  He loved the way that sweet hubby cooked and would always praise him about his cooking skills.

On July 7, 2014 Rick died, alone on a street within a half mile of his house and on the 30th anniversary of his wedding to his much loved wife.

If you have ones that you love, let them know it – the more the better; you never know when your last day on this earth will be.

Fourth of July Weekend

Hello Gentle Readers!!

I trust that all of you will have had a good weekend; I know we did.  As usual, when a holiday comes along, we wonder how much of it we will be spending alone especially now with the youngest one recently married.  So, we contacted the kids to see their plans.  The oldest was heading to the lake house of one of her boyfriend’s friends and the youngest was spending time with her hubby ALONE for ALL weekend.  So, that left us doing nothing with no one and figuring it would be another sucky holiday.

When the girls were younger and we lived close to hubby’s parents, every holiday was a party!! We’d buy all the holiday themed party goods, make a bunch of party foods, chips, dips, and things to cook on the grill (if it was summer).  We’d spend the day together joking and laughing, grilling and cooking – just having a really fun time.  Cue the music to move us back from NY to MI and all of that changed.

Suddenly the girls had places to go and people to see – other than us.  Holidays like Memorial day, Labor day and the 4th of July became days where we were just alone; just another day.  I decided this year to put an end to that.  When I found out the kids’ plans for the 4th I set about finding friends that would be in town and who wouldn’t mind a couple of extra people.

This is how we came to spend the 4th with some of my oldest friends at their house eating bbq ribs and numerous salads all prepared by their father and drinking ice tea till we thought our bellies would burst.  And after all that food, including corn on the cob and watermelon, we pulled out what we had brought for dessert; two cartons of Breyer’s vanilla ice cream, brownies, chocolate raspberry, hot fudge, strawberry and salted caramel toppings as well as my extra marshmellowy rice krispy treats.   Needless to say, we ate so well at their house that we didn’t need to eat again till the next day.

On the 5th of July we had been invited to spend sometime and have dinner at the home of our older daughter’s Godmother.  Almost her whole family was there, so there were plenty of adults and children to interact with.  We had a hearty roast chicken dinner with all the fixings, followed a couple hours later by strawberry shortcake made with an angel food “loaf” cake and plenty of strawberries.  In between dinner and dessert the kids, daughters and all the husbands played games while my friend set me down for a crochet lesson. (more on that in future posts).

So, instead of this weekend being full of too much alone time while others’ partied around us it was, instead, filled with lots of fun, food and people who truly wanted us to be with them.  I will be looking for another party or two to wrangle an invite to for Labor day weekend – who knows, by then maybe we will be in a position to have people over here for a change.

Hope all of you had people to see or places to go to so that you weren’t just sitting on the sidelines twiddling your thumbs and stabbing at the remote control.

Straight No Chaser

that is group that I will be seeing tonight at the Fox Theatre in Detroit.  My nephew had posted about them on Facebook and so being the curious sort that I am, I headed over to YouTube and searched.  I found a video of them performing at YouTube headquarters and watched all 42 minutes of it.  My favorite song was The Christmas Can-Can which can be found at 17:30 mark in this video: Straight No Chaser in concert at YouTube it is really funny.  (fast forward past the interview for more singing)

This was a present from my girls – chauffeured by the youngest one, out for dinner at a restaurant (not sure of the name) that I think is Italian, and then the concert.  Of course, the oldest one won’t be here as she is hard at work in NYC and won’t be home for the holidays till the 21st.

Today started with picking a couple of our friends up at the airport.  They were coming in from Hawaii where they had gone for their 25th anniversary.  Lots of little interesting stories on the ride home and I am sure the next time we get together we will hear some more.

So, my day will be long – I think that I will be taking a nap this afternoon – but it will end with this concert and that will be really fun!!  I can hardly wait!

Trip to the Farmer’s Market

Went to the Farmer’s Market on Saturday.  About the same vendors as were there last year, minus a couple and add in a couple of new ones.  Coffee guy and spice guy weren’t there this time, had some new people there who have a tree farm.  They also had some flowers and a couple of cherry tomato plants in 12in tubs.  Ended up getting a tomato plant for our patio – hope I don’t kill it.  It smells like tomato already and has quite a few little yellow flowers on it.  The blueberry guy that we bought a plant from last year was there today and when I told him how our lawn guy ran over the one we bought last year he said he would sell me one cheaper because of what happened.  I have to pick it up next week.

The honey lady was there but she was so busy bs’ing with somebody that I didn’t even get a chance to say hello and ask if she knew where the coffee guy was as she took care of his stuff last year.

It was a great time anyway.

Hope you had fun on your Saturday.


Here it is another beautiful sunny Saturday.  I am waiting for my friend to come over and then we can go to brunch and hit up the Farmer’s market.  Sweet hubby sleeps on…………

Last night we saw the last installment of the Harry Potter franchise.  It was a good movie and one that I would like to go see again; though thought that I would like to see it in 3-D if I do go.  That could be a bit frightening in the scenes that involve Lord Voledmort’s snake, Nagini; especially when she rears up to strike someone.  The girls are going to see it (again) in IMAX on Sunday so I will have to ask them how that is compared to seeing it in a regular theater.

Well, I have to get ready before she gets here.  I just wanted to drop in and say hello.  Mission accomplished!!

Gettin’ that chill in the air

Yes, today I felt that chill in the air that usually hits about a few weeks before snow flies.  I don’t like to feel it as it gives me an ache in my bones and a deep desire to snuggle under something warm and not leave the house.   But today I left the house anyway and journeyed my way out to where it is even more country and the breeze had even more room to blow.

Today I went to visit my friend Lisa.  I was sharing my one stroke painting stuff with her.  She seems to want to do it and work on it together, which is great.  I like having some girl time.  She gave me bean soup for my lunch, which I ate while she fed her granddaughter, Mya, a little red headed pipsqueak who is really struggling to talk.  Poor child isn’t even 18 months old and you can just tell that she will be a little chatter box.

Tonight finds me a bit chilled and reaching for the shrug that Momma crocheted me for my birthday. It comes in handy when one is just sitting and working on the computer.  Or just sitting and reading or watching TV.

Well, that is about it for my thoughts at the moment.  Catch ya later.

Pardon Me While I Laugh Till I Puke…….

One of my friends sent me this and I just had one of the best laughs I have had lately.  The subject matter isn’t a laughing matter for some – my point is why don’t you just answer the question???

Was the question that hard???????

And if that doesn’t give you enough food for thought fodder than watch this one and listen to how often the speech changes to fit the climate of the voters.

And if you can handle reading a 236 page book with an additional 54 pages of info and documentation BEFORE the election than I would suggest you read “The Case Against Barack Obama” by David Freddoso.  If you still want to vote for this clown after reading that, than may God save us all.

I really wish that Ron Paul was still on the ballot!!

Oh Bother………

Here I go again – getting out of the habit of writing on the blog on a semi-regular basis!!

Really been busy with graduations, grad parties, birthday parties and geez Louise two more Saturdays and it will be Father’s Day………….  and what are we going to do for the guys????

Been talking with two different friends about the places they want to move to and what they are looking at – one has even been bidding on a house. Now the house has a really bad leak in the roof and they would have to repair that, the inside of the attic, and the wall of the room below – not sure at this point how much that would cost them and if that plus what they are bidding on the house would really be worth the money.  I told them with so many foreclosed homes on the market (that is what they are bidding on) that maybe they should just keep looking.  I’ve seen quite a few that are in better shape.

The other friends are looking for something to rent.  Something with 2 or 3 bedrooms, a basement and at least a bath and a half.  Little bit easier to help these folks look – seems I have a knack for burying my nose in newsprint for a decent amount of the day.  Ask my family – I read the newspapers, cut out articles and coupons all while watching the news and sitcoms.  (They forgot all the foodie shows that I watch, and I am NOT going to remind them!!)

Found out today that the old Craftsman guarantee works on the clothes that carry that label.  My father had a pair of overalls that were losing those metal thingies on the end of the straps and they wouldn’t stay on so he took those back today and the store gave him a brand new pair – no charge!!  You have up to two years to exchange your item for one of the same.  Thought that, that was pretty cool so wanted to share it with you.

Other than that small blurb – nothing to terribly exciting has been going on.
With that said, am heading up to bed and taking a look at the TV before lights out.