I know, I know, I haven’t written in like forever or something.
Been sick, hubby was sick/still sickish, lots of stuff going on…. yadah, yadah, yadah………

Found this while out surfing around today and since Christmas is only a whole, whopping month away I thought that it was time to at least post something about the coming season.  Yes, I missed posting on hubby’s birthday (11/22) but we were enjoying it as a family and he did have a happy one!!  Thanks to all who sent him cards; he enjoyed being remembered.

Anyway, back to the subject on hand.  Watch the video and if it doesn’t inspire you than you must have a stone cold heart.

We participated in delivering food to people on Sunday.  One of our many doctors heads up a food drive and planned to give to 400 families in our area that were in need.  Last week we hadn’t yet met the food goal for 350 so I don’t know on Sunday how many there were to deliver to, I only know that we showed up to do our part.

The last time I passed out food to the truly homeless was back when my oldest (who is 22+) was a baby of 3 & 1/2+.  We had gone down to Atlanta to visit family for the holidays and I was assigned the task of taking my nephew to join his church youth group to pass out food to the homeless and poor.  I was amazed when there that just a block or two away from the beautiful downtown area were some of the poorest areas of that city.  We passed out gloves and sandwiches to the homeless under the freeway overpasses.  We passed out groceries and gloves to the ones that answered their doors.

Then I went home very humbled by those people who were surviving on so little when we had been blessed with so much.