Fourth of July Weekend

Hello Gentle Readers!!

I trust that all of you will have had a good weekend; I know we did.  As usual, when a holiday comes along, we wonder how much of it we will be spending alone especially now with the youngest one recently married.  So, we contacted the kids to see their plans.  The oldest was heading to the lake house of one of her boyfriend’s friends and the youngest was spending time with her hubby ALONE for ALL weekend.  So, that left us doing nothing with no one and figuring it would be another sucky holiday.

When the girls were younger and we lived close to hubby’s parents, every holiday was a party!! We’d buy all the holiday themed party goods, make a bunch of party foods, chips, dips, and things to cook on the grill (if it was summer).  We’d spend the day together joking and laughing, grilling and cooking – just having a really fun time.  Cue the music to move us back from NY to MI and all of that changed.

Suddenly the girls had places to go and people to see – other than us.  Holidays like Memorial day, Labor day and the 4th of July became days where we were just alone; just another day.  I decided this year to put an end to that.  When I found out the kids’ plans for the 4th I set about finding friends that would be in town and who wouldn’t mind a couple of extra people.

This is how we came to spend the 4th with some of my oldest friends at their house eating bbq ribs and numerous salads all prepared by their father and drinking ice tea till we thought our bellies would burst.  And after all that food, including corn on the cob and watermelon, we pulled out what we had brought for dessert; two cartons of Breyer’s vanilla ice cream, brownies, chocolate raspberry, hot fudge, strawberry and salted caramel toppings as well as my extra marshmellowy rice krispy treats.   Needless to say, we ate so well at their house that we didn’t need to eat again till the next day.

On the 5th of July we had been invited to spend sometime and have dinner at the home of our older daughter’s Godmother.  Almost her whole family was there, so there were plenty of adults and children to interact with.  We had a hearty roast chicken dinner with all the fixings, followed a couple hours later by strawberry shortcake made with an angel food “loaf” cake and plenty of strawberries.  In between dinner and dessert the kids, daughters and all the husbands played games while my friend set me down for a crochet lesson. (more on that in future posts).

So, instead of this weekend being full of too much alone time while others’ partied around us it was, instead, filled with lots of fun, food and people who truly wanted us to be with them.  I will be looking for another party or two to wrangle an invite to for Labor day weekend – who knows, by then maybe we will be in a position to have people over here for a change.

Hope all of you had people to see or places to go to so that you weren’t just sitting on the sidelines twiddling your thumbs and stabbing at the remote control.

Happy 2013!!

WOW!! It sure seems like time is flying faster and faster as I get older.  Hope you have celebrated all your holidays with your loved ones!

Christmas dinner with my father and his sister-in-law was pretty good, waiting for a table for an hour and a half while the hostess slipped in a few bigger parties in front of us wasn’t though.  I was supposed to write to the corp website and voice the complaint; too much has happened since that evening for it to get done.

My father suffered a fall at his nursing home and is now laying in a hospital – not quite sure that he will pull out of it this time.  It put a sober note to the holidays!

Christmas day brunch – became either “lupper” or “lunner” depending on what you call your evening meal.  It went well considering we haven’t entertained anyone in a couple of years.  My niece said I worried about the whole thing too much.  They gave us a couple of jars of bread n butter pickles that they had put up this past summer following my grandmother’s recipe.  I would swear that my grandma had made them herself; what a wonderful memory brought back to life!

And now it is the New Year and we are up in “Hooterville” as Cin (my official little sister) would call where Momma lives.  I can’t think of a better place to spend the holiday. Good people, good food and good times!!   Hope you spent your New Year’s Eve with people that you love (or at least enjoy) and that this New Year will be so much better than the last for all of us!!

Now, I am going to settle back onto the couch with my cup of coffee and a piece of coffee cake and enjoy the music of Air Supply that Momma has put on for our enjoyment this morning.

Happy Turkey Day to YOU!! Happy Birthday to Sweet Hubby

Good morning!!  Been up for 2 hours now and the turkey is stuffed and in the oven, and jello salad made with one small error – used chunked pineapple instead of crushed; people will just have to deal with it.  Corn pudding, plain green beans (I live with picky eaters), mashed potatoes, gravy (both chicken and beef – refer to previous comment), crescent rolls, sweet potatoes and pumpkin pie round out the menu.   You can, just now, faintly start to smell the turkey roasting in the oven.

Now, we’ve had the heat sensor replaced in the oven so hopefully the turkey won’t cook in it’s usual 2 to 3 hr window and instead be done at 2pm when it is supposed to be done.  I am so tired of turkey being done hours before the meal and being drier than dry.  Of course, according to my friend from South America, we make turkey all wrong.  To make it correctly (according to him) one must brine the turkey in orange juice overnight and it will be the most moist turkey you could ever imagine.  I am wondering if he has a valid point, as last night I watched several people put gallon jugs of orange juice in their carts next to their turkeys.  Though, there is also the part of me that thinks the orange juice was for a tequila sunrise or some other mixed drink to help them cope with a house full of relatives today.  (I didn’t follow them up to the front of the store where the liquor is sold, so don’t know for sure.)

Today is also sweet hubby’s 49th birthday – I can put his age as men don’t seem to mind people knowing how old they are; I think that is more a female thing.  I have had him in my life for 16 and 1/2 years.  He is working hard on improving his health so that he stays around for a long, long while.  So here is to my sweet hubby – Happy Birthday Sweetheart!!!

I am getting hungry smelling this turkey so am thinking maybe I can (sneak) making a cup of coffee; hopefully the smell of roasting turkey will mask the scent of coffee brewing as I don’t want anyone feeling ill today.  Also, especially, since that particular party also has to go into work tonight and work till 6am.  Got to love a job in retail – NOT!!  And then cook up the roast beef hash that was prepped last night and have that with a couple of eggs on top.  Off I go…………

I hope all of you have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!


Going on day 3 of the new year

So, I woke up this morning to a smattering of snow on the ground. Not enough to shovel, just enough to be annoying. I am really not a fan of the white stuff.  I would rather have a winter of mild temps 30/40s; and I would take rain over snow any day.

Not a whole lot going on here. Did laundry and dishes, ate a couple of meals, goofed around on Facebook, watched stuff on the DVR and am soon heading up to bed.  The last thing I will watch tonight will be “Two Broke Girls” on the DVR upstairs.  That is one of my favorite shows; makes me laugh.

I got quite a few books for Christmas.  I have to finish “True Ghost Stories” before I pick up one of the new ones.  I still have Christmas presents to deliver or mail out – oh the joy of being paid once a month!  I would rather deliver them then mail them out – I like to see people’s faces…..sometimes, especially if they like it.

Next weekend we should be undecorating the house.  There aren’t too many things to put away, should be able to do it in a day.  Put the items back in the numbered pockets on the countdown calendar, put the mini tree back in it’s paper bag, wrap up the mini nativity that I got out this year, strip the tree of ornaments and unassemble it and return it to it’s box on the front porch.  Of course, if for any reason, I have to delay putting the stuff away I know that my sweet hubby won’t be upset.  He loves to look at Christmas tree lights.

Well, that is about all that has been going on for the moment.   Will stop in again and give you an update.

New Year’s Eve

Well, here it is one hour away from the new year and I am perched on the couch anticipating hot buttered popcorn that sweet hubby is making in the kitchen.  The smell alone is enough to drive one bananas.

We are spending a quiet evening at home this year.  Sweet hubby hasn’t been feeling the best, so we decided to stay at home instead of driving out to my niece’s home for her annual New Year’s bash. (This was the fist year that we had decided to go; health issues come first)

So, between watching random shows on TV and running up and down the stairs to do laundry I will be munching on this wonderful popcorn and waiting for it to become 2012.

Christmas is coming……..

and I am so not ready!! Oh, I thought I had it all under control; presents bought early; plans made in my head of what to do every day…………yeah right!! And then, as usual, life got in the way. Managed to get the tree up on Saturday with the lights on; oldest one came over on Sunday to give me a hand with the decorations and to get a home cooked dinner.

I have 3 rooms that need to be totally cleaned, baking is non-existent, cards (which I have tons of) have yet to be addressed, in-laws’ presents are wrapped and packaged but still not at the post office, presents have to be wrapped by Thursday since that is when we are doing our early Christmas because the little one just has to go to her boyfriend’s folks for the holiday. And the big guy just can’t get in the spirit of Christmas. Life right now is starting to drive me nuts.

And I should be sleeping instead of sitting here typing; just not tired right now and don’t have enough energy to motivate up the stairs to go to bed. Some days I wish I was the cat.

I had planned on staying home today and really tackling projects but the little one had to go to the doc and he was at his other office; not the one down the street, so I had to go with her. She drove me for a couple of my errands and shared a giant Kit-Kat bar with me. (Beat staying at home and cleaning)

Tomorrow is appointments for the better part of the afternoon and some last minute shopping; going to the post office and who knows what else. I have rearranged the list in my head so many times I am sure that I am missing something.

Next year, maybe if I start in May, I will be able to actually have the house decorated the way I like it for the holidays; the baking will be totally done; presents will be under the tree before Christmas eve’s eve and I won’t be going crazy. Yeah right, who am I kidding??


Yes, I am dreading the holidays again.  No it isn’t that we were as bad off as last year because I am almost done with my shopping.  No it isn’t that the tree isn’t up yet because the treadmill needs to be moved. And it isn’t even because bringing in the fake tree from the front porch is a major job.

I think that it is because the kids are growing up and holidays aren’t the way that they used to be.  This year the youngest one wants to head out to her boyfriend’s parent’s for Christmas Eve and to his grandma’s on Christmas day – that wouldn’t be so hard to take if she would be spending some of the day with us – but no, they live about a 3 hour drive away and the kids plan on driving up there as soon as they get off work.

There has been much discussion on when we will be celebrating the holiday.  So far the plan stands at celebrating on the 23rd after the kids get off of work.  I am not sure if dinner is involved or not – I haven’t checked that out yet.  The oldest one and us will be celebrating on Christmas morning.  She may be staying here with us all day too.

I just feel like the older I get and the older they get the less time that is spent with each other.  I would love to have some mother/daughter time with either one of them.  So on my Christmas list to my family this year I have asked for a gift certificate for some time just spent with each of them – hubby included; though the two of us are usually together 24/7 anyway.

I am dreading how holidays will go once both are in relationships and other relatives have to be considered. (shudder) I don’t even want to think about that part. (Perhaps I can find orphan boys for them? hmm now that is a thought!!)

Sorry for being a bit of a bummer read – but I just had to get that off of my chest. Night…………

An Open Letter to My Sister-in-Law

Dear ……..

This in response to the email you sent about birthdays and Christmas presents and all subsequent emails that have been sent back and forth between your brother and you.  Since I was included in them I am answering them, even though your brother will not let me actually send this to you.

As far as you being out on disability for 2 or 3 months and you are now behind on your bills – or so you stated – try being in our shoes and being on it for more than 4 years – do you remember that we have kids at home?

How about why should I buy you a birthday present when I have done so for the last 12 years and have yet to receive one from you?  After all we have been sister-in-laws for the last 9 of those years.  Your brother still wants to send one from both of us, even though you continually ignore my birthday and are less than pleasant to him when you do decide to give us a call.  Your rendition of “Happy Birthday” that included the line about looking and smelling like a monkey that you left on our voice mail for your brother’s birthday was totally juvenile.  We try to overlook that part of you, but honey since you constantly do stuff like that, it makes it rather difficult.

Oh, and your indignation about mentioning the girls?  First, let me remind you that you asked about them and exchanging presents in your first email.  Second, as of last Christmas you said, “If they decide to exchange presents with me on birthdays we will see what happens.”   So it should come to no surprise to you that they aren’t exchanging birthday presents with you since both of their’s were first and you didn’t call much less send a card or present.  But there you are worrying about who will be getting you something.

As to exchanging lists for Christmas being “told what to get someone”; honey, I don’t know anyone who is rich enough in this family to get everything that someone has listed on a Christmas list unless they have listed only one item that retails for under $10.  Usually there is a minimum of 10 items on a typical list of varying prices so you get one or two things, maybe three if they are inexpensive or just one big one.  I have no idea what planet you live on or what corner of the world you come from that is so markedly different from the one that the rest of us inhabit.

From what I have known about you and witnessed you are a very immature, spoiled little beyotch who whines worse than any 3 yr old that I have ever had the chance to encounter.  You run to your “mommy” about every little thing that you perceive as a ‘slight’ from another family member and expect her to fight your battles for you.  Honey, even the fact that you call your mom “mommy” at your age is so strange I don’t even want to go there.   Your behavior has done so much to ruin relationships within the family that I, for one, am done with you.   I can only hope and pray that one day your brother will come to see what you continue to do to hurt those of us that he loves.


Happy Thanksgiving

Up early so thought I would jot a quick turkey day greeting.  Turkey is in the oven.  And I am headed back up to my bed for a couple more hours of much needed sleep.

Just wanted to drop in for a moment and say that I will be posting sometime in the next couple of days.  Have a few things to write about and I think that I found my words.

May all of you and your’s have a very Happy Thanksgiving!!