Another day spent reading……..

So here it is another Wednesday evening.  I have been busy reading Stephenie Meyer’s book “Host”.  It is really a page turner and very hard to put down.  I start reading it and the next thing that I know more than hour has passed me by.  So after burying my head in that book every day I had to pull it out and become a domestic goddess for a while.  Tonight will probably find me reading it again as I am almost at the end.  (And don’t ya hate it when a good book ends?)

My tomato plant is still alive; though I think it has some sort of bug on it.  Some of the leaves have turned yellow and have brownish spots on them like little freckles.  I keep forgetting to pull out my grandma’s gardening book to see what advice I can find it in, such as what it could be and how to cure it.

Happy Anniversary to Momma and Jay!!  They have been together 37yrs!!  Congratulations and here is to many more together!!

Well since I am at someone else’s house I suppose I should quit now so as not to be perceived as rude.  Talk to you again soon.