And the answer was……….

After thinking about our horrible dining experience at Johnny Rockets that I blogged about previously we decided to sit down and write them to let them know, since it was our first visit, and see how they handled it.
Here is the reply that we received:

From:  Add to Addresses   Block Sender
To: Add to Addresses
Subject: JOHNNY ROCKETS Information
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July 12, 2008

Our Address
Dear ,

Thank you for taking the time to share your concerns from your recent
dining experience at Johnny Rockets.  The restaurant that you referred to
in your comments is under the ownership of a franchisee of our brand.

We take very seriously any report of customer dissatisfaction and
appreciate you contacting us regarding your visit to this restaurant.
Like any business, we welcome an opportunity to see our error and satisfy
our customers.

Please accept our profound apologies.

We do have strict regulations and training programs that help us to ensure
our standards are being followed not only for the preparation of our
products, but for the way they are served to our customers nationwide.

Again, I thank you for taking the time to let us know about your
experience and appreciate the opportunity to make needed corrections. It
is through the thoughtful feedback of our Guests that we continue to

I hope you will give us another opportunity to serve you soon.


Brett Babick
Vice President, Operations
The Johnny Rockets Group, Inc.

That’s all?????  Oh please.  Last time I got a bucket of chicken that was less than appetizing from KFC they sent me a $10 coupon.  Does Johnny Rockets think that with just that crappy letter they can entice me to return?  No personal phone call??  (We got one from KFC)  No coupon toward a future visit for us to give them a second chance??  (Remember this was our very FIRST visit)  HAHAHAHA
Not on their LIFE!!!

Two Different Dining Experiences

Yesterday we decided to go eat at the new Sonic drive-in which has opened up not far from here. Oh, what a BAD idea that turned out to be. 
We have been to Sonic once before down in Alabama and believe me that was a horrible food experience.  In AL we ordered our burgers and slushes and received burgers where the buns were so soaked with grease they were mushy and the slushes had so much extra sugar in them that, that was all you tasted no flavor, just sugar.
We always give a restaurant chain at least two chances.  This one has been open for a little over a month so we figured that they would have most of the kinks worked out. (yeah, right)

First you pull into a parking space and have to order off of one of those speaker/menu things reminiscent of the ones of the 50’s.  Three times I told our order to the lady, and all three times she would screw up one if not two of the items ordered. Honestly, how hard is it to leave off onion and add pickles?  Finally she had the majority of it straight so I went ahead and paid for it.  The ‘car hop’ came out on her roller skates with our food in a bag, and drinks in to go cups.  I let the youngest pass out the food, while I sorted out the drink cups.

Now this food was vastly different than what we had eaten in AL.  The buns weren’t soaked in grease – naw, they were just about a full inch bigger around than the burger which wasn’t even body heat warm. Yech, nothing I detest more than eating food that should be hot at a temp cooler than body heat.  Sweet hubby was shorted his mustard for his corn dog, which he said really needed it; and the youngest was missing the pickles on her bacon cheese burger.

On the plus side – the slushes and the shake were pretty good and very cold.

Tonight we decided to check out the new Johnny Rockets that has opened in our town.  Another mistake…….
This one hasn’t been open as long as the Sonic has been, so maybe a long with the dance routines they are still learning how to cook their items.
Onion rings – way too salty, coating fell off when they were picked up and the onions were mushy.
Burger – over cooked and even charred, bacon was fatty and stringy – but at least it was HOT.
Sweet hubby ordered a chicken salad which came with your choice of grilled or coated chicken pieces and was given no choice.  The chicken was not hot, it was cold and overcooked.
His hot dog was split open and over-cooked – as in charred, but at least it was a Nathan’s hot dog, his favorite kind.

I don’t think that we will be giving this restaurant another try.  We listened to 2 ear splitting renditions of “Staying Alive” complete with dance moves in less than 20 minutes – one while we were trying to order (our waitress put our order in AFTER she joined in the dancing) and the other one at the same time our food was being served.

So, for tomorrow night we will be dining in and our cook (sweet hubby) will be making us cube steak sandwiches with caramelized onions served on onion buns.  Oh Yummy!! I can hardly wait!!!