I’m losing……….

out on the pact that is since I haven’t been doing at least 3 a week.  I have till the middle of July to write 30 posts and this makes number 6 since we made the pact. So by utilizing my crappy math skills (my human calculator moved to NYC) I figure I have to do a little over 4 a week for the next 6 weeks to finish with the correct number of posts by the deadline.

And here are my obstacles: It is hard to find the time sometimes and other times it is hard to find things to talk about; sometimes we are running all day and my brain is fried out by the time we get home; sometimes I would rather zone out in front of the TV then try to type out a blog; sometimes I think that I might just offend someone (unintentionally) and lose a friend in the process – yup, those are my go-to excuses.  I am working on setting up a set time every other day to write a blog instead of my usual catch as catch can.

So, with all of that being written I am going to step away from the keyboard and zone out in front of the TV again……………

Still sweating……..

and the A/C guy is supposed to be out on Thursday between 8am and noon.  Sure hopes he shows up earlier rather than later!!  Of course the predicted temps for the next few days are all in the 60s when I probably wouldn’t have had the air on anyway. Not sure how much this will cost, sure hope it isn’t more than a $100 – keep your fingers crossed.

Stopped by the ceramic shop today to pick up the paints that I had ordered on Saturday.  Paid up for the current class sessions and all my paints and still had $2 in credit left when I was done.  Pretty sure that I will blow that buying more paints as I don’t have all the colors I need for this 18 piece set.

I spent some time going over her mold catalogs looking for things that I could do to give to others for Christmas.  Pretty sure I can do a ceramic angel for less than I usually spend buying one for the MIL each year.  It is supposed to be our “special” gift to each other; she forgets about every other year.  I do have some nice ones from her though.

Tonight I came home and had to dig through some drawers to find a few things before our trip this weekend and what did I find?  I found a 5+ page either song, poem or letter that little sis had written to me way back in 1980.  It sure brought a smile to my face to read it that is for sure.   I also found some cards and little notes that my own kids had done for me when they were little; those made me smile too.

Did lots of running today in the vehicle.  Had to take sweet hubby downtown to get his monthly shot, that was after a doctor appointment, lunch at White Castle (got to love those gut busters!!) and going to the ceramic shop.  After he got his shot we headed toward home with stops at the drug store and the meat market beforehand.

Sweet hubby made burgers for dinner on the stove in his square, cast iron grill pan.  Those were served with some deli potato salad and cole slaw.  We would’ve loved to have his “smashed” potato – potato salad, but it was just too hot to boil potatoes in our house.

I think that I have the temp in the house down to a balmy 79 degrees which is a tad cooler than the 84 degrees it was when we arrived home.  Due to the skies threatening rain when we left this morning, we had shut all the windows and without air it was just about unbearable when we got home.

Now I am going to haul myself upstairs and try to get some sleep in the bedroom that is currently masquerading as a sweat lodge.

The “Pact”…………

First off, let me say that I haven’t made a “pact” since I was a kid.  Second this pact was made to help motivate me and my little sis to blog.  Third……. ah forget it, I am not sure if there was a third thing to tell.  I do know that there is a shared reward if we meet our goal; trouble is I forgot what it is!!!

So, what have I been up to since last I stopped by for a visit with you?  Well……  more family drama than I care to share or deal with; more of Mimi’s family drama ditto to mine; a little, call it minuscule amount of wedding planning for the little one and that should about sum it up.  Oh yes, and thoughts – big thoughts about having a yard sale.  My garage is stuffed to the gills, my basement can’t hold any more, my shed door is starting to fall off from the strain of holding it all in; time to clear it out!!  Trouble is, it is a bit overwhelming to do ourselves and it just isn’t the type of task that you can have a friend, even a good friend, come and help you do.

Other than all of that, life just seems to go on and on.

I am almost done cleaning up the greenware, have one more piece to finish this coming Saturday and then it is time to pick out the stains.  Note I said stains, not paint; because to achieve the look that I have described to my teacher one has to use stains.  Using stains will save me money in the long run as I won’t have to have the pieces fired again; at least that was what my teacher said.  And who am I to argue with a 70 something woman, who comes up to my arm pit and tells such wicked, wicked jokes that we are laughing till we cry??

and so ends my first post of the 60 day pact – geez, I hope that I make it 60 days!!  Hope you aren’t sick of me by then.


First day of spring

and what did I do?   Well, the wife of my father’s best friend died last week and her funeral was today.  So we got up at the crack of dawn and made the 2+ hr journey to be there for her funeral.   We were almost to I96, which would get us there in under 2 hrs so we would have time to pay our respects to the family, when we saw the electronic sign announcing that the road ahead was closed due to an accident.  So I got off on the next exit and went south to pick up I94, which would take us a slightly different way and be slightly over 2 hrs.

The weather was cold, it was starting to do that snow flurry stuff and if I couldn’t “hot foot” it down the road we would be late.  And of course we hit 3 almost total white-outs on the way, as well as those folks who won’t drive the speed limit and won’t keep out of the passing lane either; needless to say, we were walking into the funeral home just as the organ started playing the music for the start of the service.

Afterwards we briefly met with the family and then headed out to the cemetery.  It was cold and it was snowing but I didn’t mind it one bit.  Snug in my long johns, thinsulate hiking boots, extra heavy coat, ear muffs and my hands jammed in my pockets on top of my gloves and mittens; I was as warm as hot toast.  Of course the hiking boots did look a little crazy with my dress pants, but hey, at least I was warm!! The pastor said a few more words, we prayed the Lord’s prayer, he said the 21st Psalm and then that was that.  I took the rose that was offered and went back to the vehicle where sweet hubby sat because he doesn’t walk so well on uneven ground covered in snow.  I just couldn’t stay and watch them lower the casket; I can’t handle that just yet.

Back at their church we were fed lunch; now usually I don’t complain to often about food given freely at church meals, but this had to be the most bizarre luncheon I have ever attended.   We had Swedish meatballs in a white gravy on noodles, cool baked beans, some pasta dish (I skipped that one), tossed salad – no dressings, assorted jello salads, cheese slices, rolled ham or beef slices, rolls and dessert.   Our own church does a meal after a funeral, it is basic – meatloaf, green beans, mashed potatoes, tossed salad and dessert.  The dishes today mostly didn’t go together – it was almost like a pot luck kind of thing, except their ladies’ group organized it.

After we ate, we did a little visiting with the people that we knew and then started the long drive home.  We had to get gas because “hot footing” it there meant the vehicle ate more fuel than it should’ve.  Then we started back the way that we came because we were going to stop in at the little one’s fiance’s apartment and drop something off for them. Had to leave the freeway twice on the way home and run parallel to it.  Once was for a one vehicle and a jack-knifed semi-truck accident, the other was for an accident where one vehicle had hit the base of the overpass/bridge.  I swear whenever the weather is the least little bit off, people drive like idiots!!  I saw more people swerving, slamming on their brakes when no one was in front of them – then I would get up next to them and they would be talking on their cell phone or texting, one guy was just stuffing his face with food.

Now we are home and should be up in bed; but sweet hubby is sleeping beside me on the couch and I had to let you know all about my day.

Being at a cemetery on the first day of spring and standing there in a snow storm, well, that is actually pretty sad.

Hope you had a better first day of spring in your neck of the woods!!

Learning something

new!! I have started taking ceramic classes – not that I really need a class in how to clean up a piece of greenware, but more so I can sit with other people while I am doing it and learn about the painting process.

I have a large sized nativity scene that my mother bought me years and years ago.  It has made a few moves between houses and it has sat at our current house for almost 17 years.  The box that held the majority of the pieces looked like it had been kicked in toward the bottom and of course one of the big camels was completely destroyed.  A donkey and a lamb were missing an ear each, another large camel had developed a crack in the base besides losing his head and one of the three wise men had lost his head. (Not totally though, I found it in the box!)

So our teacher is going to make me the camels, fortunately she had the mold set as it is very old.  She repaired the donkey and the lamb as I had found the ears in the box and she will be putting on the wiseman’s head with her repair stuff.

She really had to employ her repair stuff today!! I had cleaned the angel up and made sure that the words on her banner were carved in deep enough – though not too deep – and I had worked on the feathers in her wings to make them stand out.   I had her laying on the table when I decided to work on the camel.

I picked up the camel’s body and cleaned that up, though in trying to remove a rather large bump of excess greenware I managed to put a small hole in him.  I set that down and worked on his head.  Then I tried to see if the head really fit well on the body so that she could repair it.  Yup, just call me klutz.  I managed to drop the head on top of the angel and broke it into three pieces.   No one at the table could believe it, except me because I am used to dropping stuff.

So, the teacher took it and used her repair stuff.  She told me that next week I will just have to smooth the repair stuff down and make sure it is as cleaned up and has as much detail added to it as I would like and then it will be safe to fire it in the kiln.

I have 4 more weeks of classes left – not sure if I will get the whole thing done by then, so will probably have to sign up for some more to get it finished.

The next thing to do after it has all been fired is to decide on the paint colors and get to work on that part.

Two more sleeps and

a wake up then it will be the day to see the surgeon to get cleared to drive and resume living.  So looking forward to that visit, I don’t even care if it involves more bright lights in my eye!!

Not much is going on at the moment.  Seem to be napping and sleeping in more than getting things accomplished. Today sweet hubby made me bacon and eggs for brunch while I took a shower and chatted to Momma on the phone. He also made me pumpernickel toast which I slathered with harlequin pear jam that found it’s way here from Momma and Jay’s!!   Brunch was a hit!

Some people are having difficulties and are in my thoughts.  My sister-in-law who is a quad is hospitalized with pancreatitis and a bad gallbladder.  They nixed gallbladder surgery as it is very difficult to do with the way her colostomy is positioned.  So they are giving her massive doses of antibiotics to try to get it to heal.  One of my other friends had a family at their church who lost everything in a house fire.  They are collecting things to help them out as they got put into a condo for the moment.  They mentioned that the husband had his computer burn up.  I am wondering if we have any that would be alright to donate – or if, like many things around here, the computer would be too out of date/old to be of use to anyone.

Today I haven’t done much.  Went to the mall to pick up the Christmas ornaments that we had put on layaway – best thing ever invented.  Came home, made some phone calls then left to go eat dinner at church to help the youth group raise money for their annual trip, then to church because it is Advent so they have a special service on Wednesday.  They had the first and second graders sing a song during the service, it was cute; don’t ask me what they sang as I was not quite focused on the music.

Now sweet hubby is already up the stairs and I should be heading up that way too.

Hope you had a slightly more productive day in your neck of the woods!!

Trying to get back on track

Well, a lot has happened since the last time I wrote.  Oh, I had plans of getting the Christmas tree put up Thanksgiving weekend, then that got switched to Monday; which was doctor day for hubby so we switched it till Tuesday and added doing laundry to the list as well.  Now, I am not sure what happened to Tuesday; I just know that the tree didn’t get put up and laundry didn’t get done.


Wednesday we had to head into Detroit to get hubby his monthly shot and he wanted to get some Mexican at one of his favorite spots – only it is over in Westland so we called our friends in Garden City to meet us there.  After dinner they invited us back to their house so off we went to there, as we really haven’t visited for quite a few months.  By the time we got home it was going on Thursday and I had a bunch of calling to do to find venue’s for the youngest one’s upcoming wedding.

Thursday night sitting in bed watching the latest Sons of Anarchy episode I began to see black dots and swirls in front of my eye and I was getting a bit of a headache so went to sleep hoping it would pass.  Friday morning the few dots became more like a bunch of pepper had been spilled in my eye so it was off to our eye doctor for an exam.  I was examined first by one of her residents, a very tall, very nice man (she trains a lot of eye doctors) and then she came in for a look – so it was double the real bright lights in an eye already hurting.  She said that she couldn’t really see any sign of retinal tearing only that I had a few “bleeders” that were causing the dots.  I was sent home with instructions to make an appointment with their retinal specialist for the coming week and the direction to call the office immediately if my vision became worse and to follow the instructions on their answering machine for assistance.

Out we went to dinner to celebrate the youngest one getting engaged.  We drove her and met our future son-in-law at the restaurant that they picked out, getting there just ahead of the Friday night dinner crowd.  I was enjoying a wonderful dinner and having laughs with them when suddenly it was like having a brown opaque contact over my eye.

We finished dinner and headed for home.  Called the doctor’s answering machine and followed the instructions for contacting the “resident on call” which put me in touch with a different resident than the one I had met earlier.  She was very pleasant and very concerned.  She had to examine my eye, so more drops and more bright lights.  After the exam she made a few phone calls and made arrangements for me to go to an eye clinic in Royal Oak the next morning.   We went home to wait for the morning.

Shortly after we got home the resident called again to tell me that there had been a change of plans and instead of the clinic I had to go to a retinal specialist at a hospital instead.  Oh boy.

Woke up Saturday early Saturday morning for the journey into see the specialist.  More drops, more bright lights and an ultrasound of my eye and guess what?? It was a “small retinal tear” that would require surgery; oh, by the way have you eaten today??  Ate breakfast so that pushed the surgery till 7pm as I also had a few people ahead of me.

Got through the surgery just fine.  Was in recovery and wanted to go home; so as I was dressing to go home I suddenly became very nauseous.  This was due to the anesthesia that they used on me.  It took 2 hours for the pharmacy to send up a drug to handle that so I could ride home without puking my guts out.  Unfortunately it took so long to get to me that I had a few big urps, which when I told that to the doc during my post-op exam on Sunday he was a bit concerned as that type of movement could hurt the eye.

So here it is Sunday night, hubby has been doing laundry because I can’t lift anything heavier than a gallon of milk and can’t do any chores till my appt on Friday and I get “cleared”.    Nope, the tree isn’t up and it doesn’t look like that is happening any time soon.  The plans for popping over to Momma and Jay’s to help put up the outside lights on Saturday had to be ditched because of having surgery instead – can’t drive up and surprise anyone when you can’t see!!

Hopefully the eye will heal soon and I can get back on track with decorating the house.

I know that Monday I will be driving  riding with the youngest as we look at venues for the wedding.  I had already set up the appointments and as long as I am only riding in the vehicle it is a do-able thing.  When I get home from that, I will probably need a nap before dinner.

So, that’s what is new in this neck of the woods – what’s new in your’s??

It is just

too dang cold!!  I was so loving the warm weather that we have been having and now we have cold.  Of course, this is what one should expect in this neck of the woods at this time of year.  I am really thinking that it might be time to start thinking about moving somewhere that has a less frigid climate in winter.  I am thinking maybe the bottom of Kentucky or Tennessee; will have to explore many places before I definitely feel the urge to pack up and move.

Not much going on around here.  Yesterday marked the one month till Christmas – a thought that sort of fills me with dread.  Dread because I am the only one on: the cleanup committee, the decorating committee, meal planning committee and when the holiday is done, I am usually the only one on the un-decorating committee.

I am thinking that we need to insulate the floors in this house as no matter what room I am on the ground floor – with the exception of the kitchen – my feet are very cold.  Supposedly when the addition was put on the contractor put in very good insulation; well, I am thinking someone must’ve removed it as my feet area always cold and without a space heater just sitting here typing I am cold on most parts of my body.

I suppose I should quit sitting here and get up and start some of my holiday cleaning, so I can then go right into decorate mode.  I wanted the tree up right after Thanksgiving; that didn’t happen as too many other people decided to plan my time for me.  If I am working in here, perhaps I can warm up a bit.

Hope you are staying warm in your neck of the woods!!

Indian Summer

Just when I get all set in my mind that fall is here; cool weather and good sleeping are around the corner along comes some Indian Summer days.  I LOVE Indian Summer days, I really do.  Nothing sweeter than a few days of over 70 degree weather and plenty of sunshine to improve my mood.  I am just looking forward to the kinds of meals that the cooler weather brings to our house; beef stew, chili, bean & ham soup, potato soup or a slow cooked pot roast done with onions, carrots and taters.  (If i wasn’t so stuffed from lunch I would positively be drooling on this keyboard!!)

I am glad that today turned out like it has as we had to be up early on which was a grey, wet morning to drive up to take my father to his bi-annual heart check-up.  This is never a pleasant task and a rainy day just makes it that much worse.  We got there and instead of our usual 30 to 45 minute past our appt time wait we were taken back within 15mins of arrival – write that one in the books!!  When we were done with the doctor portion he announced that it had been two years since they had checked the valve replacement and he would see if the gal could take us so that we didn’t have to make the long journey from our home again.  The Gods smiled and the lady had an opening so long as we didn’t mind waiting for another 30 minutes.  Honey if waiting 30 minutes means I don’t have to jump out of bed at the crack of dawn and drive in construction traffic and then sit in that waiting room, sign me up!!   Pops was so happy about everything that he took us to Bob Evans for lunch which was good as I had a buy one, get one breakfast coupon; I can eat breakfast for lunch any day of the week!!

While we were eating lunch the sun started to peek out a bit and as we drove him back to the nursing home it played peek-a-boo in the clouds.  Now that I am finally back at my own home it is out in full force and should be for at least another  2.5 hours.  This warm weather is supposed to continue through to the weekend, and I am hoping that it stays till after Halloween as that is so much more fun for all the kids – not having to wear a coat under your costume on Halloween is such a treat!!

This weekend we are supposed to be on “stand-by” for our friends as they have to move back into her mom’s house.  Their apt has a mold issue and his hours got cut so they have to move.  For now it is better for them and the baby; not sure if it is better for her mom though……………..   He has a job interview on Wed so am praying that he gets it as it will be full time with benefits and at least a $2 raise!!

Sweet hubby has sacked out on the couch so I am thinking of having a bit of a nap myself – guess I didn’t sleep as well as I thought last night!!  Been so tired lately – and that is just not me!!

I will go nap now and enjoy the Indian summer sun tomorrow!!

Half way

It is half the way through October and hard to believe.

So much has been going on lately that there has only been 2 days of the last 14 that the vehicle has remained in the driveway all day long and we have only been outside to grab the mail and newspaper.

The last few days we have both been bothered by some sort of sinus infection thingy – though sweet hubby has had a horrible sore throat and slept a complete day.  The doctor gave him a test for mono though we haven’t heard if it is a nay or yeah on it.  I cancelled appointments today so that I could sleep as late as I could.  That and a few doses of antibiotics have made me feel a bit better.  At least I am not going between chills and sweats, as I did yesterday.

Yesterday I spent the day huddled up in my blue shrug and an afghan.  I was so cold.  Then when I went to bed I would go from freezing to blazing and sweating.  Sweet hubby said I was running a pretty good temp.  Thank God that was gone today as it was as beautiful outside as only an Indian summer day can be.

Yesterday they moved Mimi into a permanent room in the nursing home.  You can tell she is depressed about it.  She had told me that she will miss going to her church and also seeing her house again.  We went and helped them pick furniture and pictures out of it to put in the nursing home.  Her granddaughter asked that I come over to help, as I seem to know what she cares about and likes.   (That is like duh…. if you would’ve just spent some time with her once or twice a month instead of once every three or four months you would’ve known too)  I was happy to help.  It was just so, so, so sad for me.  I will miss visiting her house too.

Tomorrow is haircut day for both of us.  Looking forward to having these locks under control and out of my eyes.  Looking forward to sweet hubby not having hair that almost looks like a pompadour.  Now, if we could only shave the cat so she would stop shedding every where!!!

Hope you have a wonderful day and I will try to visit more often on here.  Just a little hard to get back into the habit.