Monster Tire

I used to live within a 1/2 mile of this gigantic tire.  It was always a conversation starter whenever you drove a visitor by it.

I will never forget the day that some local jewelry store was robbed and the robbers crashed the car sending the stolen jewelry into the fenced in area around the tire.  Police were there for hours looking for the loot. They wouldn’t take volunteers, though several people did show up to offer assistance and the use of their metal detectors – albeit with themselves attached to their machines.  Even now when I drive by it I sometimes wonder if they ever did recover all the loot; don’t know as the papers moved quickly on to other news stories.

I have attached a link to a video that talks about the tire and shows several shots of it; especially in it’s previous incarnation as a ferris wheel at the 1964 World’s Fair held in NY.

Monster Tire video

Who asked for SNOW for Easter??

Here we are in sunny southern Michigan – uh wait that was a couple of days ago.  Now we are buried almost up to our knees in the white shtuff again!!
Who requested this for Easter??

There is so much snow out there that after I went out to the store to pick up something for the youngest (she still is not feeling well) I couldn’t even follow my tracks back into the driveway.  I was only gone for 15 minutes.  They say that the snow was falling at an inch an hour and now of course it is drifting and threatening to make it next to impossible to get my back door open in the morning.

We even had to make a trip out to a shoe store as the youngest was planning on wearing flip-flops for Easter and now that we have snow she needed shoes. (They grow up before they learn everything) So off the two of us went to a store about 20 miles away and usually about a 20 minute run – not tonight; it took us over an hour and a half to get there, pick up the shoes that were being held for her, and drive back.  All I can say is thank God for 4 wheel drive because a few times we had to hit the shoulder because someone in front of us was more concerned about who they were coming up on than who was coming up next to them.  At one point the cars were driving 4 across on a 3 lane highway – it was madness.

I will be soooooo glad when the snow season is over!!!
All I want to know right now is – WHO ASKED FOR SNOW FOR EASTER?????