Another day spent reading……..

So here it is another Wednesday evening.  I have been busy reading Stephenie Meyer’s book “Host”.  It is really a page turner and very hard to put down.  I start reading it and the next thing that I know more than hour has passed me by.  So after burying my head in that book every day I had to pull it out and become a domestic goddess for a while.  Tonight will probably find me reading it again as I am almost at the end.  (And don’t ya hate it when a good book ends?)

My tomato plant is still alive; though I think it has some sort of bug on it.  Some of the leaves have turned yellow and have brownish spots on them like little freckles.  I keep forgetting to pull out my grandma’s gardening book to see what advice I can find it in, such as what it could be and how to cure it.

Happy Anniversary to Momma and Jay!!  They have been together 37yrs!!  Congratulations and here is to many more together!!

Well since I am at someone else’s house I suppose I should quit now so as not to be perceived as rude.  Talk to you again soon.

Happy Birthday to Me……….

Quite possibly one of the worst birthdays I had in a long time.  Don’t ask.
Sweet hubby tried to make it better by surprising me with devil’s food, chocolate frosted, heart shaped cupcakes. (Yes, you can go awwww)

Earlier in the month (if it had only been my birthday that day) I had a much better day.  SEB (whom I have ‘adopted’ as my little bro) and his daughter, Courtney (my ‘niece’) came over as we were having problems with our main PC and the girls’ laptops.  10 minutes after hanging up from him telling us he was on his way, the phone rang again.  This time it was Momma (who is his real mom and my ‘other’ mother) and Dad Jay saying that they would like to come down with Brandy.
Soon SEB was here and busily working on the youngest’s laptop, while Courtney and I visited. Sweet hubby immersed himself in WoW till SEB was ready to work on that PC.
Of course, being me, I told only sweet hubby and Courtney about all the company.

All too soon the phone rang and it was Momma telling us that they had missed our road and were having a refreshing root beer about a 1/2 mile away and Brandy was woofing down a hot dog.  I told them to hurry over as pizza had been ordered.

What a surprise SEB, Momma and Dad Jay got when all were in the house.  What a surprise Zo got when she saw Brandy. (Honest, I never knew that cats tails could get that big and bushy!!!)
So then we feasted on salad, pizza and sodas – all good.

Momma brought both sweet hubby and I presents.  I received a beautiful, blue shrug which fit as if I had been to her house for a fitting.  Sweet hubby received a lovely multicolor afghan which is as big as the top of our king sized bed.  All the time Momma was making it she would refer to it as the “ugly” afghan.  Neither of us find it ugly at all.  It goes in any room with any color.  It is warm and big enough to share on our bed on cold nights.
I haven’t wrote Momma & Dad Jay to thank them for those lovely presents, I basically suck at writing Thank You notes.

Thank you Momma & Dad Jay we loved our presents and we loved the fact that you drove all the way down to our house – now, that was real special.

Geez, I feel a bit better all ready.

A Week Full of Surprises

Yes, it has been a week full of surprises.
Last Saturday I received an email telling of the forthcoming arrival of a box holding an early birthday present.

On Wednesday sweet hubby called Momma to let her know that it had arrived and to see if I could open it
The answer was, “no”.  So I have been staring at it and shaking it (gently) as it silently torments me.  On Sunday
I will be able to open it.  FINALLY!!!

On Thursday we came home from being with my dad all day and helping him do his taxes.  Lo and behold I saw the oldest’s car in the driveway.
First thought was, “who is in our driveway?”  Second thought was, “Why is she home?”
With the kid about to graduate college you worry when they show up unexpectedly.  As I started to fret and sputter in the van, sweet hubby
told me that she had come home for my birthday weekend; a plan that I thought had been squashed due to lack of funds.

Right now I am pretty content with my family all home.