Oh Bother………

Here I go again – getting out of the habit of writing on the blog on a semi-regular basis!!

Really been busy with graduations, grad parties, birthday parties and geez Louise two more Saturdays and it will be Father’s Day………….  and what are we going to do for the guys????

Been talking with two different friends about the places they want to move to and what they are looking at – one has even been bidding on a house. Now the house has a really bad leak in the roof and they would have to repair that, the inside of the attic, and the wall of the room below – not sure at this point how much that would cost them and if that plus what they are bidding on the house would really be worth the money.  I told them with so many foreclosed homes on the market (that is what they are bidding on) that maybe they should just keep looking.  I’ve seen quite a few that are in better shape.

The other friends are looking for something to rent.  Something with 2 or 3 bedrooms, a basement and at least a bath and a half.  Little bit easier to help these folks look – seems I have a knack for burying my nose in newsprint for a decent amount of the day.  Ask my family – I read the newspapers, cut out articles and coupons all while watching the news and sitcoms.  (They forgot all the foodie shows that I watch, and I am NOT going to remind them!!)

Found out today that the old Craftsman guarantee works on the clothes that carry that label.  My father had a pair of overalls that were losing those metal thingies on the end of the straps and they wouldn’t stay on so he took those back today and the store gave him a brand new pair – no charge!!  You have up to two years to exchange your item for one of the same.  Thought that, that was pretty cool so wanted to share it with you.

Other than that small blurb – nothing to terribly exciting has been going on.
With that said, am heading up to bed and taking a look at the TV before lights out.