Today I really “stepped” in it……….

Boy did I ever step in it today.  I was sent an email by a close friend that had to do with some of the states that are trying to get legislation passed that has to do with ammunition being numbered – every single round.  And every round having a tax on it. Some states say all guns, some say just handguns and assault type weapons, and KY specifically left out rifles.
At the bottom of this email was the information about the bills and a link to look them up on-line; as well as the original author’s rant about how it is all Obama’s fault, and calling him something not very nice as well as implying that whomever voted for him was a relative of a donkey.  (hey, I try to keep this pretty clean) Which of course I glossed over because it was someone’s opinion and very political and not totally accurate to the rest of the email.  (In other words, I read it but didn’t really read it.  I have since read it in it’s entirety, hence this post)

There was also attached a radio broadcast that included a speech from the 60’s that had to do with socialism morphing into communism and it was pretty interesting, if not at least, historical.  And the quote at the end of it was a lady right after an Obama speech saying that she will no longer have to worry about paying for the gas in her car, or her mortgage because Obama was going to take care of her.  Which tied right back to the speech about socialism right before.

So, being upset about the whole ammo thing and not wanting to censor an email – just get it out and keep it going, let people know what is going in other parts of the country – I sent it out to probably half of the people I have email addresses for; I figured that they would want to know a current event.  (Even though this evening I found that NY has been proposing this stuff since Mar of 2007).
Boy, oh, boy did I ever get some hate mail.

Now, when I receive an email from someone that has a very differing opinion from what I hold and some have had some rough language about stuff.  I read it and delete it.  Frankly I don’t take the time to send out an email full of nasty – it just isn’t worth it.  I figure that is how that person feels and right or wrong it is their opinion.

Those of you that know me personally know that I am not a fan of our President-elect.  I hope that you also know I would never call you the cousin of a donkey just because you voted for him.  That is the thing that makes this country great.  We have the freedom (right now) to speak our minds, elect our officials and raise a very public voice about issues and things that the government does that we do not agree with – I hope that we will always retain those rights.

In the one nasty email I received I was called a ‘right winger’; now honestly I wasn’t quite sure what that was so I had to google it.  (Told ya, politics to most extents are not my gig. Fact: took me 3 times to pass a Political Science class in college – absolutely hate it- but I do understand how our government really works and what a President can and can’t do.) 

Now the first paragraph in Wikipedia stated:

Today, it is used to describe political groups who stress the importance of nationalism, tradition, and religion, and who oppose socialism, communism, and internationalism.

Well, ok maybe I am a tad right wing; I believe in tradition, religion (freedom for all) and I do oppose socialism and communism – the other things I don’t really know what they are and don’t really care. (told ya)  I believe that we need to uphold what the founding fathers wrote in the Constitution and the original bill of rights.  These are the things that made this country great and the precious things that we don’t want to lose.

So, to wrap this up.  If you got the email from me ignore the crap after the facts. Listen to the speech.  And most important make up your own mind.  (If you want a copy of the email – write me and I will send you out the sanitized version – yes, I am learning.)

Pardon Me While I Laugh Till I Puke…….

One of my friends sent me this and I just had one of the best laughs I have had lately.  The subject matter isn’t a laughing matter for some – my point is why don’t you just answer the question???

Was the question that hard???????

And if that doesn’t give you enough food for thought fodder than watch this one and listen to how often the speech changes to fit the climate of the voters.

And if you can handle reading a 236 page book with an additional 54 pages of info and documentation BEFORE the election than I would suggest you read “The Case Against Barack Obama” by David Freddoso.  If you still want to vote for this clown after reading that, than may God save us all.

I really wish that Ron Paul was still on the ballot!!