My Mother’s Day

Today was one of the quietest Mother’s Days I have ever had.  For the last 7 of them we lived on Long Island and Mother’s Day was spent with both kids at home and being with the in-laws for part of the day; having brunch at one restaurant or another and then there was the one time we all stayed at our house while sweet hubby whipped up one of his many creations for brunch.

Got up before 9am, hit the shower, got dressed, walked downstairs to use the computer so that I wouldn’t disturb sweet hubby who was still sleeping and about scared the life out of the little one.  She was hiding out in the computer room, making her mother’s day card and having a boat load of problems with both the computer and the printer.  She settled me in at the dining room table with the day’s papers and promised that she would be done with the computer soon.  Finally she emerged from the room and then led me (with eyes closed tight) into the kitchen where she had set her part of her present on the counter.

Then I read her beautiful card that had a coupon in it for us to spend the day together.

Next the oldest one called and I opened the card that she had sent – with “DO NOT OPEN TILL SUNDAY” written on it – and we laughed together over her card and I thanked her for the contents.  This is what was inside:
One of my favorite places to eat!!!

Here is the dinner that my sweet hubby made with help from the youngest:

In case you can’t tell from the picture it is shrimp scampi served over Green Giant rice with mushrooms and green peas, fruit salad with a yogurt dressing and some Italian champagne.  A very tasty meal!!  Dessert was strawberries served over angel food cake with home made whipped cream and was gobbled down to quickly for any photographer to take a picture.

Happy Mother’s Day all!!  I hope you enjoyed your day!!

PS – Forgot to mention what is on that little oblong plate.  It is olive oil with herbs and parmesan cheese that we dipped Italian bread into (very healthy).

Happy Cinco de Mayo!!

Happy Cinco de Mayo!!
And what did you do to celebrate??  The family and I went out to one of the numerous Mexican restaurants and had ourselves a very nice authentic Mexican dinner.  Sweet hubby (who needed a night off from cooking) ordered steak and shrimp fajitas, the youngest had what was called a Juanito Burrito and it covered a platter – half of it is now residing in the fridge for tomorrow – and your’s truly had her usual seafood enchiladas, stuffed full of shredded crab meat! Ooo Baby!!  Of course sweet hubby started us off by trying something new – some sort of cheese dip – I found it much to salty and the cheese was just one big lump on the plate.  We will NOT be ordering that dish again.  Dinner was followed by dessert – apple pie filling wrapped up in a deep fried flour tortilla and covered with vanilla ice cream.

What a good dinner!!  What even better company!!