Lazy Sunday and a Monday Shopping Trip with the Fashionista………….

Yesterday after checking out the latest McConaughey/Hudson release “Fool’s Gold”, all I wanted to do was lie in bed and rest.

Came home and started reading Dean Koontz’s “The Darkest Evening of the Year”.  Since it had such a good write up – on both the book jacket and on his website – I thought that it would be very good.  I fell asleep reading it, not because it was boring, I was just tired.  Slept for a couple hours and started reading again.  Woke up and decided that I wanted to read the book to the end.  Got to about the last few pages and wanted to laugh out loud at the absurdity of it, finished it anyway.  I will think long and hard before I spend money on another of his novels.

After I read the book, I just couldn’t go to sleep.  Finally turned off the TV around 2 am (all Food Network does is make you hungry at that hour) and fell into a deep sleep only to awake at 6am and contemplate getting up for the day.  Debated with sweet hubby about going outside in the freezing cold air for a Mickey D’s breakfast, rejected that due to the coldness of the outside air; listened and complained about the neighbor’s dog barking and yipping outside for about a half hour, then fell into another sleep that went till someone called at 9:30am; went back to sleep again and woke up when Freshman college girl poked me in the back and wanted to remind me that we were to go shopping. 

I dutifully got out of bed feeling more like I had been awake all night instead of sound asleep for major portions of it and the evening before.  Got dressed, dragged a comb through my hair, put on my boots and heavy coat and then mumbled about cold air.

Our shopping travels took us to Office Depot to look at laptop cases for her 17 inch one that is hard to find cases for and then on to Payless for shoe shopping.  Now both of us have rather long feet and find it hard to find decent shoes – ya know the ones that look good on your feet and don’t make them look like gun boats??

Freshman girl found a few cute pairs, but due to the way they fit or looked she narrowed it down to one pair.  I pulled out a couple that I thought were cute and she looked at me and said “oh, they’re cute; but what would I wear them with?”  I ventured that she could wear them with jeans as she does everything else and then I got a lesson.

The fashionista voice came forth and said, “You don’t match them to your pants; you match them to your tops and I don’t know what tops I have that would go with those.”

Oh! Sorry, didn’t know that.  Guess that is why I like hiking boots, moccasins and tennis shoes (sneakers for those of you on the East Coast) – they tend to match everything.

My life……..

Whoa – this space looks familiar………. a totally blank page………….what to fill it with……………

Been busy getting my father settled from a rehab hospital (he needed to relearn balance and walking, etc) to an assisted living apartment which he seems to be ok with and dealing with two kids home from college and keeping me busy to trying to get some sort of order or schedule to my life.  The dogs are currently living at a kennel because we haven’t been here that much and with all the running, the holidays, the repair people that are coming it is just saner to leave them somewhere where they are getting exercised, attention and food on a schedule than having them here and having them mostly in their crate because we are just not here that much.  Anybody want two cute dogs?

I can bet that I have logged over 100 miles of driving today and if I think real hard I bet I can find something/somewhere that I needed to be or to get today.

The oldest one leaves for college in the early morning; a long drive to get back to her school in NY……………ah, miss her already.

Today the electrician was here on his own today (with his helper) to install a new panel (making it bigger), some more outlets, a few switches and at long last a beautiful, wrought iron pole light for outside the front door to illuminate the porch and the driveway.  Wait a minute!  Did I type wrought iron pole??  Well, that is what we wanted – it is not what we got.  Right now we are sporting a four by four with two flood lights screwed to it on the side farthest from the driveway which is illuminating the whole front of our house.  Can you say major tacky??  I am so going to holler at that man.  He thinks that I am such a sweet person; ha, don’t mess with this one.

Had fun at Meijer (while the electrician turned my front yard into something out of the Beverly HillBillies) seems that the store has a whole boatload of stuff on clearance.  Walked in there for dog food and walked out of there owning a steam cleaner, kitchen stuff for the oldest, steam cleaner solution and a magazine.  Sweet hubby liked that trip so much he wanted to see what the other Meijer had; so when the girls went to the hairdresser we dropped him off at the other Meijer.  Now we own a George Formin grill (Saved over $70 off original price), got a pasta pot for the oldest and boot socks. Girls want to keep sweet hubby out of stores – he has been dubbed the shop-aholic…… at least it isn’t me…….yet.

Get a day off from doing normal errands, caregiver duties and doctor appointments and you just read above how we can get into trouble.

Keep ya posted.