Happy Turkey Day to YOU!! Happy Birthday to Sweet Hubby

Good morning!!  Been up for 2 hours now and the turkey is stuffed and in the oven, and jello salad made with one small error – used chunked pineapple instead of crushed; people will just have to deal with it.  Corn pudding, plain green beans (I live with picky eaters), mashed potatoes, gravy (both chicken and beef – refer to previous comment), crescent rolls, sweet potatoes and pumpkin pie round out the menu.   You can, just now, faintly start to smell the turkey roasting in the oven.

Now, we’ve had the heat sensor replaced in the oven so hopefully the turkey won’t cook in it’s usual 2 to 3 hr window and instead be done at 2pm when it is supposed to be done.  I am so tired of turkey being done hours before the meal and being drier than dry.  Of course, according to my friend from South America, we make turkey all wrong.  To make it correctly (according to him) one must brine the turkey in orange juice overnight and it will be the most moist turkey you could ever imagine.  I am wondering if he has a valid point, as last night I watched several people put gallon jugs of orange juice in their carts next to their turkeys.  Though, there is also the part of me that thinks the orange juice was for a tequila sunrise or some other mixed drink to help them cope with a house full of relatives today.  (I didn’t follow them up to the front of the store where the liquor is sold, so don’t know for sure.)

Today is also sweet hubby’s 49th birthday – I can put his age as men don’t seem to mind people knowing how old they are; I think that is more a female thing.  I have had him in my life for 16 and 1/2 years.  He is working hard on improving his health so that he stays around for a long, long while.  So here is to my sweet hubby – Happy Birthday Sweetheart!!!

I am getting hungry smelling this turkey so am thinking maybe I can (sneak) making a cup of coffee; hopefully the smell of roasting turkey will mask the scent of coffee brewing as I don’t want anyone feeling ill today.  Also, especially, since that particular party also has to go into work tonight and work till 6am.  Got to love a job in retail – NOT!!  And then cook up the roast beef hash that was prepped last night and have that with a couple of eggs on top.  Off I go…………

I hope all of you have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!


Happy Thanksgiving

Up early so thought I would jot a quick turkey day greeting.  Turkey is in the oven.  And I am headed back up to my bed for a couple more hours of much needed sleep.

Just wanted to drop in for a moment and say that I will be posting sometime in the next couple of days.  Have a few things to write about and I think that I found my words.

May all of you and your’s have a very Happy Thanksgiving!!