“New” Beginning

I have been reading Momma’s blog and Cindyism’s and then I looked at mine – yup, once again I suck at keeping up with it daily. I think I will work on updating it once a week – with either what is going on with me, my thoughts or a memory.  Let’s see how I do at that.

Today started out alright, and now it isn’t.  I had to send sweet hubby to the store for me because some how I got some flu-ish type of bug.  It isn’t pleasant. I had to stay home from a meeting tonight as there was no way I could do my duties as “President” with the way I was feeling.  The secretary was oh so happy to take over for me.  Tomorrow is a big luncheon at church and of course I am supposed to be there doing many things.  I sincerely hope that I can make it.

So here is one of my thoughts – if you feel like you are coming down with something or you definitely know that you are ill; please for the love of all that is holy – STAY HOME!!  I already came down with a sinus infection which the offender tried to pass off as a seasonal allergy and I wasn’t happy.  Not sure who or how I got this latest “bug”; pretty sure it came from someone who needed to stay home.

Over the summer I got back in touch with an old friend and we have been enjoying speaking with each other and catching up on the 15 years that we hadn’t seen each other.  I do have some trouble keeping our “phone dates”. I don’t always like to chat on the phone and sometimes I just plain forget.  The other day I decided I needed a short nap first and ended up sleeping much longer then intended; yup, missed the phone date.

So this is some of what is going on with me – what is going on with you?



Time has flown……..

As usual, I start off the year with every intention of visiting here several times a week and then after one thing and another time gets away from me and then here we are. Sometimes I think of things to write and then I don’t because I don’t want to upset anyone reading this blog. Sometimes I don’t write because even if this is a venue for me to write and share how I feel about things I still remember the first writing class I took out at the community college I attended many moons ago; just about every paper I turned in, personal opinion piece, journal, was returned with the word “Trite” written in big red letters across the top.  That memory alone has the ability to get me to stop writing and close up my laptop.

Today I am working on getting past that.  I want to write about what I am doing, what I am thinking and what is happening in the world that I care to comment about.  I truly need to stop worrying about what people think and concentrate more on what I feel and want to say.

This is a wonderful day today, sunshine and good temps with a breeze.  We are up to Momma’s lending a hand after her surgery. I have walked the dog a couple of times and found it both relaxing and a bit of an exercise all at the same time.   I have finished reading the entire series of “The Hunger Games” as well as watch the movie on Saturday.  At the moment life is very peaceful.