A little of this, a little of that, and a memory

I know it has been a long while since I have posted – I apologize for that – life has just been busy.

The little one (I need to find another way to include her in our conversations) is going to make me a grandmother by the end of Oct this year.  I keep telling her that “she” will be a Halloween baby.

The oldest (and only other child of mine) got engaged the end of June; the wedding will be Aug 2016.

A couple of days ago I went back to the area I grew up in and visited my little “Sis”.  As we drove around after lunch (killing time before a movie) we went through an area that I hadn’t been in in many decades.  I wondered if it was the same intersection near where I had a curious encounter when I was barely in my 20’s.

It was a summer night and I had been watching friends play baseball at one of the many parks in the area. Afterwards we hit one of the many little bars that we usually hung out at – you know the ones that aren’t really busy, no bouncers and tend to overlook the fact that even though you were legally an adult you weren’t supposed to be in there indulging in “adult” beverages because for that you weren’t legally an adult. It helped if you wore “Daisy dukes” (shorty shorts) and a t-shirt that had a bare midriff.   (No, I wasn’t “like that”; it was more to fit in with the crowd I ran with)

Well after a couple of drinks and many dances, it was time to head for home.  I jumped in my trusty, but rusty ’63 “heavy Chevy” Bel Air and drove for home.  Not long after, I was right outside the gates for one of the many GM plants in the area, the Bel Air came to a stop.

I tried turning the key to start it, you didn’t really need the key to start it, but I used it anyway.  No luck.  I got out of the car and raised the hood, checked battery cables, the carburetor, and any other wiring that I could see using a well placed street light; everything was fine.  So I then did what any “damsel in distress” would do; I shut the hood and climbed on top of the car to await rescue.  (No cell phones in those days and no pay phones outside of the plant’s fence.)

I didn’t have long to wait as the afternoon shift was ending and vehicles were exiting the gates.  One problem – no one was stopping.  I waved at a few vehicles and their drivers would wave back, but did not stop.  Finally there were very few vehicles left and I was beginning to think that I would be walking a few miles to where Momma lived and waking someone up to drive me home; when a young man (older than me though) stopped his vehicle and got out.

He asked what was wrong with my vehicle and I said it wouldn’t start.  He then asked if I would open the hood so he could look and perhaps find out what was wrong. Being smart enough to not say that I had done that already I let him look under the hood.  He couldn’t find anything wrong either, so he shut the hood and asked if I needed a ride to the nearest pay phone.  The nearest pay phone put me right where the hookers usually trolled at that hour and I didn’t particularly want to wait for my Pops to come pick me up in that area.  I quickly asked him where he had been going before he stopped.  He said he was going home. I asked where was home; I mean perhaps with any luck he would be going near to my house on the other side of town.  I was in luck!! He was going home to the other end of my neighborhood.  I promptly asked if he would drop me off at my house.  He looked me over, decided I wasn’t a threat and said he would.

Mr. Nice-guy waited till I was settled in his car – no seat belts for us as this was before that was mandatory  – and away towards home we went.  On the way he asked how old I was, I asked him the same (25); where was I going to school and just general questions.  We talked about current movies, books and the like; then he started asking more personal questions.  Did I have a steady boyfriend, what did I like to do on weekends, where had I been that night and so on.  Being younger and a bit naive, I answered everything and even managed to ask a few questions back; which he didn’t always answer.

In a little while we were pulling up in my driveway.  I climbed out of his car and then leaned in his open window to thank him and let him know how much I appreciated his help. The next thing I knew he was  grabbing my wrists and getting very close to my face. He proceeded to tell me that young girls like me should never climb in a car with a stranger no matter how nice he seemed as you never could tell what could happen.  He said the guy could take you to your home like you asked or he could take you anywhere else and you would be in a world of hurt.  Then he let go of me and backed out of my driveway.

I let myself into my house and woke up my Pops who was very angry that I had gotten into a stranger’s car in the middle of the night.  He took me to where my car was and we towed it home.  The next day I walked all over my entire neighborhood trying to to find Mr. Nice-guy’s car, I did that for over a week, every morning and could never find out where he lived even though I checked every driveway on the street he said he lived on.

Was I with a truly nasty piece of work that night who wasn’t up for it after work or was I just with a guy who wanted to help out a damsel in distress and then decided to warn me about the dangers I could of been in?  I will never know.

I know I hadn’t thought about that in a long time and it didn’t come back to me till we went by that GM plant and it set the memories in motion.