A Week Full of Surprises

Yes, it has been a week full of surprises.
Last Saturday I received an email telling of the forthcoming arrival of a box holding an early birthday present.

On Wednesday sweet hubby called Momma to let her know that it had arrived and to see if I could open it
The answer was, “no”.  So I have been staring at it and shaking it (gently) as it silently torments me.  On Sunday
I will be able to open it.  FINALLY!!!

On Thursday we came home from being with my dad all day and helping him do his taxes.  Lo and behold I saw the oldest’s car in the driveway.
First thought was, “who is in our driveway?”  Second thought was, “Why is she home?”
With the kid about to graduate college you worry when they show up unexpectedly.  As I started to fret and sputter in the van, sweet hubby
told me that she had come home for my birthday weekend; a plan that I thought had been squashed due to lack of funds.

Right now I am pretty content with my family all home.