Update on life

Right now I am sitting here with my shins – or is it calves (?) screaming in pain and wondering if it is all worth it.
My friend and I have decided that we each need to lose some weight – both of us coincidentally need to lose the same amount.
We have decided to walk.
So, yesterday I drove to her house and we walked in her neighborhood.  We walked a mile. We walked it at a brisker pace than I am used to moving.  By nightfall I was hurting.
Today she wanted to walk again.  She drove to my house. We walked my dead end street from one end to the other and back again.
I am beat.
I want a shower, followed by a long soak in a hot tub……..problem – I am longer than our tub.
My lower legs want some relief.

For rainy days we have the treadmill that I snagged at a garage sale this weekend for $50.  She said she will bring over her weights, my body winced in pain.

It is so dang easy to put this stupid weight on – why oh why is it so much work to take it off??

Ok, got to trudge down some stairs to do the laundry.  Ow, ow, ow………….

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